Roasting a Thanksgiving turkey in a coal stove

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Happy Thanksgiving cards became a thing around the turn of the last century; the New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery has a nice collection of them.


This one serves a dual purpose: it’s a cozy greeting with an angel and traditional harvest symbols . . . and an advertisement for the coal that powered late 19th century New York City stoves.


Mr. Bohnenkamp, at 329 East 17th Street, surely had one in his townhouse kitchen! Jagels & Bellis was a coal wholesaler based in Hoboken.

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11-25-14 A Sign Of Red Hook

This may be my favorite sign in the city.

Seen on a bridge over the Gowanus Canal (back in the past referred to as Lavender Lake due to its pungent smell, now apparently supposed to become the Venice of Brooklyn.)


11-24-14 Bits and Pieces

Had to go down to Chelsea this afternoon. This greeted me as I got off the subway.

Talk about your scofflaws.


Since I was down there I went to visit my old friend, Pier 54.

Deterioration continues apace. I am breaking several photographic rules in this picture but I like it.


11-23-14 Angularly Colorful: Challenge Travel Weekly Theme

Angular Pass #1

Colorfully Angular Pass #1 and #2

Angularly Colorful Pass # 2 and #3

iPhone from Pier 1 Hudson River. Processed with Snapseed


Alternate viewpoints:

Weekly Photo Challenge

Travel Theme

11-22-14 Weekly Photo Travel Theme Challenge: Colorfully Angular

Travel Theme: colorful

Photo Challenge: Angular

Previous Attempt (Challenge): right here

My apologies to those who already saw this shot on my Facebook or G+ page. This is the sunrise as seen from my iPhone the morning after my birthday.


Other angular or colorful views.

51 years …

11-21-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Angular.”

The 3rd floor at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn


Other angular views:

11-18-14 Travel Theme: Belonging

I could write a volume on this topic but that isn’t what I do. What I do is make talking pictures (I hope).

Ailsa’s theme this week is belonging. Last May I was at a B&H Event Space fashion photo demo/shoot led by Robert Harrington in Madison Square Park and took some time away from the models to look at some things that truly belonged there. This park denizen caught my eye.


Here are some other viewpoints that belong: