9-15-14 Weekly Travel Theme: Noise

Ailsa wanted to make a little NOISE! this week. I am on a journey through the past. This is one place we meet. The photograph is from 9-15-11.

This shot looks like a nice, quiet, pastoral NYC scene. If you have ever been at a Middle School girls soccer match- especially the warm up…you know it wasn’t.


Here are some more views starting off with The Queens Of Noise!











9-14-14 No Drama Sunday – Double Exposure

Since Abigail headed off to college I have, for no apparent reason, decided that it is time to edit and organize the pre-digital photos that I took from the time I met Katherine until 2006 when I completed the digital transition.

I can be an idiot sometimes.

One of the hardest parts of doing this is that, as those of you of a certain age will recall, at a certain point photo labs started a service war that involved given you double sets of prints. I kept both…

We will not discuss the boxes of slides that I have not even ventured near. I just completed 1995. Happily Abigail was born the next year. Sadly that means the amount of photographs doubles? (no) triples or quadruples.

This has nothing to do with double exposures. However it seems on one of our cross country trips I had an explosion of interest in in-camera double exposures. For some reason this is the one I liked best today.


9-13-14 Weekly Photo Challenge Humanity (2) _iPhone

“Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.”

Albert Camus

“One love, one heart, one destiny.”

Bob Marley

I bet that it is no surprise that I am revisiting Humanity. My first go is Here.

This time I thought I would iPhone it. The first three shots are from a fascinating opening I went to tonight. The show is called  the“Bronx Artist Documentary Project“.

It is a very simple idea “The Bronx Artist Documentary Project is a borough-wide collaborative endeavor involving Bronx photographers documenting Bronx visual artists at work in their studios or other Bronx venues.

The results are really good and moving in some cases. I would have gone to see the exhibit in any case but since I know three of the photographers (Angel Franco, Ricky Flores, Robert Fass) and one of the documented artists (Helena Starcevic) I went tonight. If you are in NYC between now and October 8th, you should try to check it out.

The second set of pictures are from my visit to The New Museum.

IPhone Art_140913_ 6

IPhone Art_140913_ 5

IPhone Art_140913_ 4

IPhone Art_140907_ 3

IPhone Art_140907_ 2

IPhone Art_140907_ 1

Other humanities











9-12-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity – City Style

This weeks photo challenge is Humanity. Lots of ways to go there.  Going to start quietly and see what comes up during the week.




Other views of humanity:












9-11-14 Dichotomy

Katherine and I went to the The New Museum on Sunday to see the “Here and Elsewhere, a major exhibition of contemporary art from and about the Arab world.”

It is an extraordinary exhibit especially for anyone who believes that there is anything resembling a monolithic view in the culture of the Arab world in the 21st Century. On first view I particularly appreciated the work of  Hashem El MadaniFouad ElkouryTanya Habjouqa; and Ziad Antar but it is a massive exhibit and I intend to return before it closes on September 28th.

That has nothing to do with dichotomy. The exterior of the New Museum on the other hand…


What brought this all to my mind however is something that happened last night. As many of you know I am a big supporter of Andra Watkins, the bad ass Accidental Cootchie Mama and her first book, To Live Forever An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis

Andra did a reading last night at The New England Mobile Book Fair. If you know Andra at all, you know she is a quintessential, if twisted, SG (Southern Girl). Who showed up but my parents, who while not being Northern WASPS, exemplify the Yankee spirit.

As nearly as I can tell, a wonderful time was had by all. My parents tell me Andra is a born performer and gives great book tour.  They bought a book, they posed for pictures and then all went home for a good night sleep.

If Andra comes to your town, my parents say: “Two thumbs up! Check her out!”

9-10-14 Hey, You, Boston Metro Area Folk!!!

You can still make it to this event at the New England Mobile Book Fair

My friend Andra Watkins says:” If you’ve convinced any members of your Boston area family/friends to read To Live Forever, I’m having an event at New England Mobile Book Fair tonight, September 10, at 7pm. I’ll talk about my Natchez Trace walk and show photos, and we’ll have drinks and nibbles, plus I can sign books for anyone who has one (or for anyone who wants to buy one at the event.) Please tell them I will make my Southern accent extra special.”
If you can, go see her and say hi for me.

9-09-14 I’ve Stolen Your Words (Western Cloud Tributary)


After Shelomo Ibn Gabiriol


I’ve stolen your words, I don’t deny it—
   I ate them and broke teeth on the liberation wall;
did I think I could soar with your songs
   or use them to hide my flaws? I did.

Can a woman scale the tree of life
   and eclipse the application of light in the world?
It’s always, I think, a simple plan of clouds:
   can the East River be drained with a teaspoon?

Melanie Neilson