15-07-06 Views From The Weekend

Katherine’s birthday was last Thursday and we had an action packed celebration.

She and Abigail and I went to see Fun Home, winner of the Tony for Best Musical, on Wednesday. If you are in NYC and don’t know what show to see…this is the one!

Thursday her sisters came to town and seven of us went out for dinner at Bar Boulud, after which several of us took a Harbor Cruise.

Friday, we had a great brunch at home and I won tickets for two to see The Tempest at Shakespeare In The Park. Saturday the city threw a little fireworks display for Katherine and the country and Sunday, well what can I say but 5-2!!! What an amazing soccer game!









15-07-05- Weekly Photo Challenge – Door

The Challenge Door!

The response: The Subway!


Other versions:







Across The River I Go (Again!) | River Pool at Beacon

Katherine is swimming the Hudson again to benefit River Pool at Beacon. Please contribute if you would like!


Across The River I Go (Again!) | River Pool at Beacon.

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 130727-72

15-06-29 The Dreamer

Sometimes it takes a rainy day
Just to let you know
Everything’s gonna be – all right
All right

I’ve been dreaming in the sun
won’t you wake me up someone
I need a little peace of mind

Wake me from this dream
That I have dreamed so many times
I need a little peace of mind
Oh, I need a little peace of mind

When you open up your life to the living
All things come spilling in on you
And you’re flowing like a river
the Changer and the Changed
You’ve got to spill some over
Spill some over
Spill some over
Over all

Filling up and spilling over
It’s an endless waterfall
Filling up and spilling over
Over all

Filling up and spilling over
It’s an endless waterfall
Filling up and spilling over
Over all

Like the rain, falling on the ground
Like the rain, falling all around….

Sometimes it takes a rainy day
Just to let you know
Everything’s gonna be – All right
I know, I know, I know all right

Filling up and spilling over
An endless waterfall
Filling up and spilling over
Over all

Filling up and spilling over
It’s an endless waterfall
Filling up and spilling over
Over all

Cris Williamson

For Lindsay Rockwell


15-06-28 Red Molly (Muse)

Went to see Red Molly at the City Winery tonight in what seems to be their last NYC appearance until…? After a gazillion years of touring they are going on hiatus… sigh.

Weekly Photo Challenge is muse. These women (tri-staters, no less!) seem to have many or perhaps they are three of the 9?

My first go is at the challenge is here

RSJohnson_150628_9843 RSJohnson_150628_9851 RSJohnson_150628_9858 RSJohnson_150628_9868 RSJohnson_150628_9876 RSJohnson_150628_9878

15-06-27 Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

“The Muse visits during the process of creation, not before. Don’t wait for her. Start alone.”

Roger Ebert

Too many variants on a theme to even get started. Muse. A random chance selection (thank you John Cage).


Other muse views for youse. Including how to name a band!











15-06-23 Deck Of Cards – One Quick Blink

This is the first poem and second image from the new book


Deck of Cards

The angels of lime
come unraveled at a vibration
of chance and breakfast.

The demons were concealing sands
when they discovered
the spirit
of explosions.

Demons, angels
go on picking up what corresponds to each
from the deck
of the afterworld:

From fatigue comes the star,
from the rose the rivers,
from the hand the path
…and from the white nets
the blackness of homicide.

David Huerta

Translated by Mark Schafer


15-06-22 News And Views

This would be the cover of my new artist book “One Quick Blink”.

This is the material

I received this email on Friday…
Hi Robert,

Congratulations, you have one of the 30 winning images in the 2015 APA|NY photo contest! (Image attached)
APA|NY is having a party this Tuesday, June 23rd where the winning images will be displayed and we would love to have you there!

Thanks and congratulations again!

Tony Gale
APA National President

Michael Seto & Ron Jautz
APA|NY Co-Chairs