15-06-16 Maybe This Time


Several days ago, for no apparent reason, I put all the music from my iTunes account onto my phone and set it to shuffle all. At what was apparently a key moment in my day the song “Maybe This Time” from the movie version of Cabaret came on my phone. Not the Liza Minnelli version but the Kristen Chenoweth – Lea Michele version from Glee!?!?!!?
I didn’t know I owned any songs from Glee but that is okay because I am a big Chenoweth fan.

That set me off on a hunt for as many versions as I could find on YouTube. Minnelli, of course, Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, thousands of amateur nights and most heartbreaking, the extraordinary performance of Natasha Richardson from the 1998 Roundabout production.


Since that day (Saturday) I have been dreaming about Weimar Germany every night. I find it both bizarre and extraordinary.

I mean if you are talking Weimar you are looking at a quintessential good start hijacked and gone bad…very bad.


I don’t have an answer, not even sure I have a question but when I woke up this morning, (it) was on my mind.

06-15-15 Double Your Pleasure Or At Least Your Fun

While I waited for a few students from the ICP Borough Walk through Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge Park to meet us at Jane’s Carousel, I thought I would play with some double exposures at bride central – the boardwalk in front of the carousel. I was there for about 45 minutes and saw 5 wedding dresses with groom tux accompaniment and three engagement shoots happening…in a town this big you would think…

Nah, it is a pretty place.



I Just Don’t Get It…

Robert S Johnson:

I thought more than a few of my readers might be able to relate to this excellent piece of writing.

Originally posted on Peter Monn:

peter monn tmi

So let me tell you why I’m frustrated, pissed off and a little bit hurt.  In the last year since my book, The Before Now and After Then, was released, I’ve had tons of people message me and call me and let me know how much they loved my book, or if they didn’t love they told me what parts they liked and didn’t like.  Friends at AA meetings, strangers on Facebook and all different kinds of people bought my book, were supportive of my creative endeavors and allowed my dream to come true.  But…I can’t say that for the majority of people in my life.

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15-06-10 A New Artifact

I have been working on another artist book, this one about images from Holy Week in Mexico City. Unlike the Quotidian Hudson – still a few copies left by the way – this is not the culmination of 4 years of labor and life. This is an outsider’s quick flyby of a culture not his own. I think the title is apt…“One Quick Blink”. I submitted the final files to the lovely folks at Conveyor Arts earlier this evening. They are a “production house specializing in small run editions…”.

I will have more details in the coming days but for now I thought I would share one of the images from the book.

And yes, I do realize this could be used for the Weekly photo challenge: Vivid


15-06-08 Vivid – Ronnie Gilbert Edition

“We still had the feeling that if we could sing loud enough and strong enough and hopefully enough, it would make a difference.”

Ronnie Gilbert

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 130814-58

I had a very different posting planned for today but then I found out that Ronnie Gilbert died on Saturday at the age of 88. She had an extraordinary voice and her personality just sparkled. While, justifiably, best known as the “girl” in the Weavers, she sang with an eclectic group of people over the decades and always worked for what she felt was right. She continued to draw inspiration from what was happening around her.

The Weavers had a long and tumultuous history. A massive success in the early 50’s including a #1 hit in 1950 they became pariahs by 1953 as they made the “blacklist” when it turned out that several members were “Commie Symps”. AS late as 1962 they were banned from performing on NBC’s “Jack Paar Show” when they refused to sign loyalty oaths. They had a successful reunion concert at Carnegie Hall in 1963 and performed for the last time as the four original members in 1980 as documented in the movie about their career: Wasn’t That A Time.

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 130814-56

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