7-14-14 All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun (Wellfleet Version – Not LA)

I am trying an experiment tonight. You will know the video slide show worked (click to play) if you see no further typing from me.

7-13-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic


an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest.
  • a part of a deceased holy person’s body or belongings kept as an object of reverence.
  • an object, custom, or belief that has survived from an earlier time but is now outmodeD
We went to the Wellfleet Flea Market this morning. I saw lots and lots of relics – well not very many parts of a deceased holy person’s body – but lots of others. My favorite was this one:
Here are some other relics:
Okay – the World Cup is starting – I’m out!

7-12-14 Street? Travel? Tourist Brochure?

I talked briefly yesterday about the “The Photographic Tools For Travel Photography” taught by David H Wells at ICP. He truly is a remarkable teacher.  If he is doing a class or workshop in your area, take it. You can find his photo site here:  http://davidhwells.com/ and his blog/educational site HERE: http://thewellspoint.com/

One thing David strongly recommended is to ask fellow photographers to give you their edit of your work.  So I am asking you, my readers to jump in!

As I said yesterday we all, David, the class, and myself thought my work bordered or was street photography. As it happens I am in Wellfleet and thought I would ask your opinion. Which of the following do you think are street and which travel? Comments below or back channel are both appreciated.




Travel or street these young women should not be doing this. It is completely destructive of the dunes.










7-11-14 David H Wells – Photographer

I just finished up a week as a TA for a course taught by David H Wells at ICP called “The Photographic Tools For Travel Photography”. He is a great teacher and photographer with an insane amount of publications, awards, grants etc. over his career. Click on his name above to get a small taste.

The class was both a lecture and practice class. We went out every day to shoot and then critiqued the work the next morning. Here are a few of my shots that made the grade…although we all agreed I was veering dangerously close to street photography and probably crossed the line in several cases…

Robert S Johnson-49

Robert S Johnson-30














Leaping off the roof and into the Hudson River

Robert S Johnson:

How could I not reblog this? I have to…

Originally posted on Ephemeral New York:

Was it safe to swim in the Hudson River in 1948? Probably not, but that didn’t stop this boy from jumping three stories from a pier while his friends watched from the roof.


It’s a wonderful image captured by photographer Ruth Orkin, perfectly titled “Boy Jumping Into Hudson River.”

Orkin was a commercial photographer and filmmaker who moved to New York in 1943. An archive of her images can be browsed here.

[©estate of Ruth Orkin]

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Book Club Traditions – A Recurring Series

Robert S Johnson:

It has been a while since I reminded you about this wonderful book…

Originally posted on The Accidental Cootchie Mama:

So many things about writing are unlucky, even frustrating. While I try to focus on the positive things (and I have many), the negative things are sometimes mind-blowing enough for my wounded psyche to take days to recover. Other writers will probably recognize a few of these gems.

  1. Indie bookstore owner – “I won’t read your book, because I’m sure it’s terrible. People are just telling you it’s good to be nice.”
  2. Vendor I (used to) frequent – “Yeah. I know I told your husband I wanted a signed copy of your book, but now that you dragged it all the way out here, I don’t have time to read.”
  3. Numerous people of the nameless, faceless variety – “I only read non-fiction. Fiction is a waste of time.”
  4. More nameless, faceless people – “I don’t buy books, because I can get so many for free………and they all mostly suck……..why can’t writers…

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