5-2-14 Almost Off The Grid


I am on the road on some family business in places that have no internet access. We own
one of these portable devices that allows you to get online basically anywhere but I forgot it at home. I don’t actually think I forgot. I think I wanted to disconnect for a day or two.
As you can see I can get online with my phone but it is bizarrely slow so no blog reading for me. I will catch up with you all soon.
Meanwhile I have to say, it doesn’t matter what brings me here. As long as I can get to the water for an hour.




7-24-13 Where I Am Not

Boro Walk

I can’t remember a year in the past 25 where we have gone so far into the summer without visiting Wellfleet even once…This is Blackfish Creek at low tide.

Boro Walk

Highland Light in North Truro. I was trying for an Edward Hopper look here.