6-9-14 Weekly Photo Challenge – Room (Domestic Edition)

The challenge this week is Room.

My first thought: Here.

My second thought:



Other roomy views:












4-25-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (Greenpoint Edition)

“To know ahead of time what you’re looking for means you’re then only photographing your own preconceptions, which is very limiting, and often false.”

Dorothea Lange

This week is an odd one…LeTtErS

I found two in the archives from the winter that fit the bill.



Other letters:












9-22-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines To Patterns: Hoyt Street, Brooklyn Edition

This weeks Photo Challenge is From Lines To Patterns. My first attempt is here.

Last night my long time friend Chris Havens held a party to celebrate a zero birthday.  His apartment has a roof deck. I took this picture at about 8:30 pm. I thought it came at the challenge obliquely but fit it well.

From Lines To Patterns 2-2

As always, here a some other views.

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9-6-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

The challenge this week is: An Unusual Point of View. This is the Bailey Fountain at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn.

Did I get it? I don’t know but I like this shot.

An Unusual POV-1354

As usual here are a few other views that tickled my fancy:


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5-7-13 Brighton Beach – The Elevated

After we left Coney on Saturday we headed to Brighton Beach and had a great dinner at a Russian Restaurant (I showed a picture of it the other day). I used our time there to do some twilight shooting of the Elevated.

Brighton Beach-2

Brighton Beach-4

Brighton Beach-3

4-17-13 Decisions

I have been working all week to finalize my submissions to The Fence At Photoville. The maximum amount of images in a series that you can submit is 6. They say you can have a series as small as two pictures but, in my mind, a series is a minimum of three images.

Anyway it is decision making time. I am down to 8-10 images per category and have to make the decisions tonight or at the latest tomorrow by noon so I can upload by the deadline.

Here are the shots I am choosing between for the theme of Play. I am certain of 4 and can’t decide whether to go with my gut and say: “ok, that’s all folks” or go with my other gut and slip in two more.

Play-1 Play-2 Play-3 Play-4 Hudson River Play-6 Hudson River Play-8

2-23-13 It’s Not Right

I went to Brooklyn yesterday to visit some friends. They have three kids, a son and two daughters, and I have some really fun images of the girls “getting married”. I was planning on using them for the blog today.

I posted a few of the pictures on FB and then I made a mistake.  I started thinking. On FB I had set the privacy level to friends of friends but I can’t control who can see Quotidian Hudson and I don’t want to control who can see it.

Sadly there are some really bad pieces of work out there who troll the internet.  For what? Pictures of young children.

Here is a picture of Borough Hall in Brooklyn and a shot taken from Columbus Park.

Borough Hall-2

Borough Hall-3