7-28-14 At Work

First a message from our sponsor:

Soho Photo Gallery: 15 White Street is having a pop-up gallery event with The B&H Event Space this Wednesday (7/30) and Thursday (7/31) from 1pm-6pm. It will show the work of 54 “event spacers” and I have one or two or three pieces in it. The exciting thing is that I won’t know how many until the show opens. Part of the pop-up vibe!  There is a party Thursday evening from 6-8 to celebrate the conclusion of this year-long event. I may not be there since I am booked for a shoot (the freelance life) but go down and celebrate for me – or with me if we break early.


I am always impressed by the dedication and drive shown by so many young artists who still come to New York City, despite the insane cost of living here, the destruction of the classic “art neighborhoods” in favor of Hedge Fund Condos, and the sheer amount of noise and distraction that stomps their chance of being heard.  They still come and scramble and scrounge and work and work and practice and work to do their work. Last night we took Lynn Seville’s NY at Twilight class to Central Park. At around 9PM on a Sunday night, which is perhaps when the park is at its slowest, a young lady showed up and began to play. Her case was open, she was busking but very few people were going to walk by. She was also rehearsing in one of the truly beautiful spaces in NYC. It looks great and it sounds great. She was an excellent player.


7-19-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

From “Don’t judge a book by its cover” to “Don’t look at the jug, but at what it contains” (an old Rabbinic saying), we’re constantly taught that the contents of things are more important than the vessels, wrappers, and boxes that hold them in place. This week, let’s give outer shells their due and focus our lenses on things that contain other things.

Ben Huberman – The Daily Post

Since wrappers are included in the definition I feel well within bounds with these two containers.

I walked through Central Park yesterday on my way to see the Garry Winogrand exhibit at The Met. I will have more to say about that another day. On my way to the Met I came across this scene.

Here, the packaging is exactly the same idea but the wrappings are so very different. Do they tell us any truth about what they contain?


Does the way we see it make a difference in our view of the packaging?


Apropos of nothing: This was Abigail’s favorite song when she was three years old…

Other containers:













5-27-14 Memorial Night Walk Through Central Park

A holiday Monday and the crosstown buses are running infrequently. I had spent 3 hours working with a client on the deep east side in the 70’s and decided to walk to the west side subway through the park. It was a gorgeous night. I took the 72nd Street transverse past the Bethesda Fountain to Strawberry Fields. Walk with me…