1-27-14 Weekly Travel Theme: Wood

In the middle of the journey of our life

I came to myself within a dark wood

where the straight way was lost.


Ailsa’s theme this week is wood. Rivers have lots of wood. Wood lands in them, humans put wood in them, wood is just about anywhere you look.

Now I think I probably could have used the first picture for the Weekly Photo Challenge: juxtaposition but I thought I would save it.

RSJohnson_Hudson_1401270045First one piece of wood deposited by nature…then much more wood placed by humans.


Here are some other views of wood.








1-26-14 Ice Ice Baby

“It was so cold this morning, I saw a chicken with a capon.”

Carl DeSuze - WBZ AM – Boston MA

I know that compared to many other places we are not having it too badly but this is not something you see everyday.



1-7-14 One Way Or Another

If you live in many parts of the USA, you are cold today. I admit, it is very cold. I am shocked, however, at how many people seem surprised that there are times in the winter that the weather gets very cold. I always thought that was what winter was known for.

A few visions from the summer to remind you that this too shall pass.




1-23-13 Cold Meat And Vegetables

“It was so cold this morning, I saw a chicken with a capon.”

Carl deSuze, WBZ-AM radio morning drive time DJ some morning when my mother was driving me to school.

Winter finally arrived this week on the East Coast, but all we have in NYC is cold and wind. It was somewhere between 10-14 this morning. Not a drop of snow though.

The look of the Union Square Greenmarket changes significantly in this weather.

A bit early for me

A bit early for me

Organic Vegetables under plastic

Organic Vegetables under plastic

To cover and heat or to hang with nature?

To cover and heat or to hang with nature?

I know we forgot something

I know we forgot something

Winter -4

2-12-12 A Cold No Drama Sunday (3)

It has actually below freezing for 24 straight hours…what will they think of next?

People at the Columbia Greenmarket knew how to handle it.

2-12-11 Riverdale

12-17-11 Time For A Picnic

There are no facts, only interpretations.  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Temperature at 2:30pm 35 degrees/Wind 7 mph


It was a beautiful day.  A good day just to sit and watch and have a little picnic as the river flowed by.

Are you really sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling?  ~M.C. Escher

12-10-11 Sunset Over The River From Fort Tryon Park

“A wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. I think, I too, have known autumn too long.”
e.e. cummings

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Today, for the first time since March, I wished I had put my gloves in my camera bag…

11-03-11 Baby, It’s Cold Inside

So, the first cold of the season.  Very bad timing for this for a lot of reasons.  Nothing to be done.

The only issue really, other than trying to make sure no one else in the house gets this…neither A or K are in a good place to be sick right now…is to river or not to river. After a short but vigorous debate, sensible lost out to committed and so I went.  Didn’t stay long but I went…hope it is gone by tomorrow.

The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire

-Pamela Hansford Johnson

2-15-11 Macbeth and The Power of the Mind

I took this image this morning not knowing how appropriate it would seem after watching Patrick Stewart and Kate Fleetwood play the Macbeths in Rupert Goold’s filmed adaptation of the 2008 stage production of Macbeth which has just been released on Netflix and DVD. Macbeth -PBS The interpretation is very much focused on the internal needs and lives of the leads and the bitter coldness and power of their imaginations and the society they create. Both performances are extraordinary as are the performances of most of the supporting players, especially Christopher Patrick Nolan as the Porter, Michael Feast as Macduff, and Martin Turner as Banquo, and I cannot recommend this film enough.

Ah, okay boss, but what does this have to do with the Quotidian Hudson?  The power of the mind. Yesterday was a lovely, spring like day. Today was very February.  It was not a special day, cold but nothing extreme, windy but not excessive. We have had many worse days as recently as last week but everyone on the river was grim. The runners looked pained, the dog walkers (but not the dogs) looked unhappy and were complaining.

Why? Well, I would suggest it is because we are human beings, we are very adept at adapting and utterly brilliant at developing false ideas. I can’t tell you how many people told me yesterday that it could hit 60 degrees on Friday and so…it only stands to reason that if it is 56 on Monday and will be 60 on Friday then all the days in between must be similar and indeed, (Hosanna!) winter is gone! No more freezing days, no more ice on the path. Why? My mind has decreed it so!