7-12-14 Street? Travel? Tourist Brochure?

I talked briefly yesterday about the “The Photographic Tools For Travel Photography” taught by David H Wells at ICP. He truly is a remarkable teacher.  If he is doing a class or workshop in your area, take it. You can find his photo site here:  http://davidhwells.com/ and his blog/educational site HERE: http://thewellspoint.com/

One thing David strongly recommended is to ask fellow photographers to give you their edit of your work.  So I am asking you, my readers to jump in!

As I said yesterday we all, David, the class, and myself thought my work bordered or was street photography. As it happens I am in Wellfleet and thought I would ask your opinion. Which of the following do you think are street and which travel? Comments below or back channel are both appreciated.




Travel or street these young women should not be doing this. It is completely destructive of the dunes.










1-22-14 Snow Day

6:45 AM before the snow.


We ended up with about a foot of snow, with winds of 25 mph and temps dropping to 7 above zero, or spring as we called it when I lived in St. Paul. Just a few fun images of 8th Avenue and 32nd Street.



11-11-13 New York Nightlife

The last Borough Walk of the season happened on Saturday night. Nica Ross, ICP graduate, visual artist working in photography, video, and lighting led the walk.

NY Nightcrawl

Now, in reality, there is no way to cover New York nightlife in one night, but you do what you can.  First stop Times Square so folks can get to know each other and people can figure out how their cameras perform under a variety of lighting situations.

NY Nightcrawl-2

NY Nightcrawl-3

After that we hopped the F Train to Delancey Street and went to the Cake Shop, a Live Music venue and record store/bar on Ludlow Street.

(As always click on any image to open the gallery.)

Truth be told, it was the loudest space I have been inside in years.  I wish I knew the name of the band…but I don’t. Couldn’t hear.

After that we walked over to St Marks Place and let the class loose for about 40 minutes. I grabbed  a quick slice and shot a bit while waiting.  Being me, I looked away from the crowds and looked for the isolates.

NY Nightcrawl-11

Then for our grand finale we headed off to see SPANK! perform Optical Delusions at DROM.

That did not even scratch the surface of course, but you do what you can. I made it an early night and was home and in bed by 4 am.

On a completely unrelated and much more serious note I just want to say that I have no idea what any of us can do at the moment to help the people struck by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines but here are a few organizations that I believe are making serious and concerted attempts to help.

Doctors Without Borders




11-6-13 A Walk Around Flushing, Queens, New York City

Saturday The ICP Boro Walks hopped on the 7 train as Siobhan Landry led a walk to the new Brooklyn: Queens! (If you read the New York Real Estate sections at least).

Siobhan filling in the troops

Siobhan filling in the troops

Queens Borough Walk

Queens Borough Walk-2Queens is touted as being one of the most ethnically diverse places in the world. With over 100 different countries represented in its population, that makes sense to me.

This church billboard gives a small taste.

Queens Borough Walk-22

We walked through Flushing to reach our first stop.

Queens Borough Walk-23

Queens Borough Walk-4

Our first stop was the Voelker Orth Museum and Victorian Gardens. Their Mission Statement:

“The Voelker Orth Museum, Bird Sanctuary and Victorian Garden, through the experience of an immigrant family’s 1890s home, preserves and interprets the cultural and horticultural heritage of Flushing, Queens and adjacent communities to engage their ever-changing populations.”

The caretaker, I believe his name is Woodley (the only problem with being the wrangler on the Boro Tours is I occasionally miss introductions and names, my apologies), gave our group a very interesting tour of the newly renovated and reopened home.

Queens Borough Walk-6

Queens Borough Walk-5

Queens Borough Walk-7

After that we headed off to the park and area around The Queens Historical Society.

Queens Borough Walk-8

Queens Borough Walk-9

Queens Borough Walk-10

Queens Borough Walk-12

Then off to the Bowne Street Community Church.

Queens Borough Walk-14

Queens Borough Walk-15

Queens Borough Walk-13As we walked to Main Street, the heart of Flushing and the heart of Queens Chinatown, we ran into this young lady who had some interesting ideas on The “holy land”, The USA, Persia and god.

Queens Borough Walk-16Queens Borough Walk-17Then we hit Main Street and spent some time wandering awhile.

Queens Borough Walk-20

Queens Borough Walk-21

Queens Borough Walk-18

Queens Borough Walk-19

Then it was off to dinner at Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan for a delightful (if cramped)meal.

10-26-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon (Visible)

This week’s challenge: Horizon.

I am just back from a Boro Walk in East Harlem and thought I would grab a couple of quick views of the Visible Horizon as today’s answer. Later in the week I expect to do a few river horizons and probably a Cape Cod as well but for tonight? Urban Horizons it is.

The Costco Building at Dusk. How many horizons do you see?




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10-20-13 A Question For Sunday

Friday night I was TA for another Boro Walk; this one called New York at Night led by Lynn Saville. I shot some very nice images which I will get to during the week, but since I was up for work  at 5am both mornings of the weekend they will not be making their debut today. At the end of the evening we ate at The Half King  which is named after a Seneca Indian leader (see this page for more information about the man) on the corner of 10th Avenue and 23rd Street. Just around the corner on 24th Street was an “official” Banksy installation. This was on a side wall. I do not know if it was part of Banksy’s work or preserved from a previous artist.

Either way I think it is an interesting question.


10-8-13 Boro Walk – Lower East Side

Start from 43rd Street and take the F downtown. Andrew Lichenstein was the leader of the walk.

Tompkins Square Park


and then we begin…

LES Boro Walk Watermark-2832

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LES Boro Walk Watermark-2872


LES Boro Walk Watermark-2883

LES Boro Walk Watermark-0015

LES Boro Walk Watermark-0031-2

LES Boro Walk Watermark-0033