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4-11-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: (Once More With Feeling) Yellow

Nature rarer uses yellow
Than another hue;
Saves she all of that for sunsets,–
Prodigal of blue,Spending scarlet like a woman,
Yellow she affords
Only scantly and selectly,
Like a lover’s words.
As you know by now the “Weekly Photo Challenge was Color.  My two previous attempts are here and there.  Today I thought we would try yellow.  As Ms. Dickinson says, a few are from nature but most of these are not.
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3-15-13 Travel Theme: Green

I hope everyone enjoyed  Pi yesterday.

Ailsa’s theme this week is Green. I can’t begin to understand what brought that on.

To see what people are posting in response go here.  Since I am in a somewhat weirdly playful mood, I decided that my first entry would be the first five things I saw that were green after my last appointment of the day.  I will say I think it is a bit of a mixed bag. All photos are of course phoneography.






Here are a just a few of the folk’s views of green

Ailsa’s photo challenge: green | Sounds like wish

Travel theme – Green « A Post a Day for 2013



The vikings winter way of being green | Le Drake Noir

Travel Theme: Green | I did it … for Johnny

Travel Theme: Green | A Gringos life in Cusco

1-19-13 Travel Theme: UP

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is up. I had hoped to go deep into the files for this one but, no such luck. I know I have prints of many places and ideas that fit the theme but I could not find them. It did make me realize though that my preference, is for me to get up as high as possible and shoot down. I can’t say why that is so but it was an interesting thing to observe.  All of the shots used for this post are from 2013.

Apropos of nothing, a lovely lagniappe of my day was the chance to have a drink with Andra Watkins, The Accidental Cootchie Mama her own bad self, and her charming and erudite husband, MTM. They are in NYC on business and were kind enough to call me and spend some time.

Up we go:



Hudson River

Hudson River

A few other points of view

Ese’s Voice

Adventures We Seek

Artifacts and Fictions

Around The World

1-6-13 Travel Theme: Multiples (2)

Ailsa said multiples, right?

Oyster shell in the mud

Oyster shell in the mud



1-4-13 Travel Theme: Multiples

“One is sorry one could not have taken both branches of the road. But we were not allotted multiple selves.”     Gore Vidal

Ailsa is kicking off the new year with the theme of Multiples Multiples.  This gives a lot of opportunities when you start to think and look. I have pulled three from 2012…

Chocolate Chip Cookies (preshow)

Chocolate Chip Cookies (preshow)

Fiddler Crabs

Fiddler Crabs

Free Kayaks

Free Kayaks

12-31-12: My 2012 In Pictures – Tercero/Thaleth/Tatu/Troisième/Ikatlo/Third

The New Year approaches. A question I pose to myself is: will I post everyday in 2013?  Time and circumstance will tell. Before I close out with some other of my favorite photographs of 2012 I want to acknowledge some of my favorite blogs, the ones I read consistently. All have something that I suggest warrants your attention. In no order at all they are…

The Accidental Cootchie Mama

50 Year Project

Leanne Cole Photography


Where’s my backpack?

Wind Against Current

Colder Weather

Ephemeral New York

Photography Journal Blog

Chronicles of Illusions

What I Saw

Creaky Toes

and of course: The Weekly Photo Challenge

These are only a few – I have many more and will list some of them to start the new year perhaps…

Now some of my favorite pictures of 2012. They may not be my best but they are a collection of my favorites.

People – Places – Nature: in chronological order June-December


Mermaid Day Parade


Sky Over The Hudson

Teenager - Rock Center

Teenager – Rock Center


Photographer and Model – Lower East Side


Turkish Music Festival – Lincoln Center Out of Doors


DJ – WFUV -Ceol na nGael – Irish Music Festival – Lincoln Center Out Of Doors


Friend – Wellfleet, MA. Blackfish Creek


Sunset 2 – Wellfleet MA. Blackfish Creek


Fort Tryon Park – The Cloisters – The Heather Garden


Man – The High Line


Model – B&H Walkabout – The High Line


Sunset over The Hudson and New Jersey


Coney Island Boardwalk – Before Sandy


Low Tide – Pre Sandy – Hudson River 100th Street


Staten Island – Post Sandy


14th Street and 8th Avenue


Trees – (George Washington Bridge


Cherry Walk – Hudson River

A few other views of 2012

My Tropical Home


Cee’s Photography


Mike Hardisty Photography

Mirth and Motivation


For those unfamiliar with The Twilight Zone, this Wiki article explains yesterday’s title and quote:

To Serve Man

Happy New Year to one and all. I hope you have a glorious 2013.

12-15-12 Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

This week’s Photo Challenge is Delicate. (Click HERE to see various views)…

I thought this image from 10/29/11 at the river fit the bill.

Hudson - NYC


12-7-12(11) – Travel Theme: Circles – Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Today we have a twofer! Ailsa over at where’s my backpack? selected circles as her travel theme because for the last few months she has been traveling in circles around the US.  Meanwhile this week’s Photo Challenge is Changing Seasons because after all it’s “What’s Happening Now!!

I dug through the archives and came up with these two images from one year ago today, 12/7/11. They are two views of basically the same scene down by the Hudson and I think they cover both categories quite well. (But, you will be the judge of that).

Hudson - NYC

12 Months ago-circling the changing seasons-2

Speaking of judging, thanks to everyone who spoke out yesterday about the three images.  I heard through the blog, Facebook and my email and it was unanimous. Everyone liked the first shot. (Thankfully).  Why thankfully? That is the shot I worked. The second shot was the look the automatic functions on Lightroom gave me and the third shot was as it came out of the camera.

Other points of view…


The Good Villager


Sofie’s Diary


Wind Against Current – Changing Seasons

tahira’s shenanigans

Ese’s Voice – Travel Theme


Wind Against Current – Travel Theme


Hamburg Und Mee(h)r

11-27-12 Travel Theme: Liquid

Ailsa’s theme this week is Liquid -(you can see other ideas of the theme if you click on the word Liquid). Liquid can mean a lot of different things to people. Here are a few of my ideas.

11-18-12 Travel Theme: Mystical (Take 2)

Ailsa’s theme this week is Mystical.  Check out the link for her visions and many others views.

You can see my first take on the theme here.  Today I go in a very different direction. Many years ago, Katherine and I were lucky enough to ride into Canyon de Chelly and visit the Anasazi Cliff Houses.  Talk about a place that feels mystical…

The most interesting thing to me though was how many of the pictures I took that day included something my naked eye had not see.  I ended ed up with lots of pictures of…no I don’t think I will say.

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