12-3-13 Traveling Down The Theme Sky-2

The sky was on fire
When I walked to the mill
To take up the slack in the line
I thought of my friends
And the troubles they’ve had
To keep me from thinking of mine

Don’t let us get sick
Don’t let us get old
Don’t let us get stupid, all right?
Just make us be brave
And make us play nice
And let us be together tonight

Warren Zevon

Ailsa choose sky.

You didn’t think I could let sky go with only one shot, did you?

A different view of the Saugerties‘ sunset then I have shown before…


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11-18-13 Spring HDR Phone Urge Go

I get the urge for going
But I never seem to go
I get the urge for going
When the meadow grass is turning brown
Summertime is falling down and winter is closing in

Joni Mitchell

Even though we are on our third day of 60 degree plus weather the Winter Solstice is only 33 days away and this song has been appearing in my mental playlist more and more frequently.

The sky has been spring beautiful for the most part these last few days and the Pro HDR app on my phone called to me and I answered.


42nd Street

111th Street

111th Street

96th Street

96th Street

Columbia University

Columbia University

7-19-12 Looking At the World Through A Different Lens

“Summer’s lease hath all to short a date”


I  shot with my iPhone 4 today just to change things up.


11/10/11 Converted

6-25-12 The River The Sky The Art

Spring returned with a vengeance today. Windy, wet, and lukewarm. Seemed a good day to go river walking. Great sky, great new river art (about 20 new pieces) and the river, as always, was its disreputably majestic self.

Not often you see both eyes…

Today’s shot brought to you by Hallmark

Facing east


5-2-12 The People Ride In A Hole In The Ground

Some of you may recall that when I was in Dominica and climbed to The Boiling Lake, I hurt my knee.  Turns out that I have a “severe grade 1 sprain” of the Medial Collateral Ligament…Nothing much to be done but let it heal slowly (8-10 weeks expected) although my doctor did warn me off of long walks and pivoting or cutting motions.  Naturally my adventures with OWS yesterday involved some running, to get ahead of the march, some unintentional cutting, to make sure I didn’t run into or get run over by anyone and some random knee bumping.  It was 55 degrees, rainy and the knee  was hurting today so I traveled by subway.

These are from the 59th Street – Columbus Circle station…

The bottom two shots are of people playing with computerized images of dogs who “fetch” the ball you have “thrown”…



5:00 PM – Sky over The Hudson River from Yonkers

And since this will post on May 3rd – a very happy birthday to Pete Seeger who turns 93 today.

3-3-12 There’s A Moon In the Sky Called The Moon

There’s a moon in the sky
It’s called the moon
And everybody is there

Schneider/R. Wilson

I wonder if they ever sang: There’s a balloon in the sky

3-2-11 Hastings-On-Hudson