11-8-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

My first pass


RSJohnson_Hudson_ 140203-75












4-16-14 Palindromic Wandering

“I always thought of photography as a naughty thing to do – that was one of my favorite things about it, and when I first did it, I felt very perverse.”

Diane Arbus

 It snowed on much of the eastern part of the United States yesterday. To hear people freaking out you would think this has never happened before. One long ago example…New York City schools closed in 1982 on April 7th when close to 10″ of snow fell. Still it was an odd way to celebrate “pay your rent” day (taxes were due yesterday.)

On April 16, 2012 I wrote the following…”It was a beautiful summer day. True it is only April but I don’t know what else you could call a sunny day with temps in the mid/high 80’s.”

On April 6th, 2014 it was close to 70 degrees.  Many people were doing naughty things…



A silly factoid. It is palindrome week in the US.  What do I mean? Check the date heading on my post.

3-1-14 A Public Service

It seems like weeks since we have had snow in the northeast.  The weather folks are predicting that somewhere between 1 inch and 12 inches will fall from Sunday into Monday (way to cover yourselves, guys…)

Since you may have forgotten what a snow storm looks like I thought I might remind you.

Public Service-1

Since I know that no one can read everything in a day I thought I would remind you that Andra Watkin’s novel


was released today

You can read more about it at Andra’s place (Andra Watkins)

2-20-14 Happy Birthday Ansel Adams

Moonrise A very well-known image. Possibly Ansel Adam’s most famous.  Everyone knows what the final image looks like. Or do we? As the linked article from artnet.com demonstrates we do not.

It hasn’t snowed in New York for several days now. Although they are predicting a possible storm next week. Nonetheless I have not seen this harbinger of spring since 12/17/13 when I took this picture.


2-16-14 The Great Beauty of The Fabulous Ice Age

La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) directed by  Paolo Sorrentino is an extraordinarily wonderful 2013 film from Italy. Excellent cast and exquisite cinematography. We saw it last night. Highly recommended.

The Fabulous Ice Age is a new American film by Keri Pickett seemingly about the history of ice shows in the USA. It is much more than that. It shows us much about who we (the United States) were through much of the 20th Century and how our cultural influence and thus our power spread over the globe. It is streaming for free on Netflix and you should check it out. (Full disclosure – Way back at the start of her career Keri took our wedding photos. We could not have made a better choice. As is the way of these things we lost touch until this film came to NYC)

 When winter first begins to bite
and stones crack in the frosty night,
when pools are black and trees are bare,
’tis evil in the Wild to fare.



2-15-14 Shocking News!

“Go to the winter woods: listen there, look, watch, and “the dead months” will give you a subtler secret than any you have yet found in the forest.”
–  Fiona Macleod, Where the Forest Murmurs

It is still winter!