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4-15-14 Flashback

“To consult the rules of composition before making a picture is a little like consulting the law of gravitation before going for a walk.”
Edward Weston

I thought today I would do a little flashback to April 15, 2011 when The Quotidian Hudson was but a toddler. I hope you don’t mind. Follow the link back to the childhood of this blog!

Oddly enough, given the title “Time”

4-13-14 No Drama Sunday








4-10-14 Night Shot

Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. -

Rainer Maria Rilke


Last night it felt like spring. Almost everyone on the streets had clearly made a decision to dress as if it was 5 degrees warmer than it was and the wind was blowing 5 mph less. I just decided to wander around with the camera and play a bit.




Ghosts everywhere.

4-8-14 The Children’s Hour (River And Park Edition)

It was a beautiful spring day in the city. High somewhere in the low 60′s, partly sunny or partly cloudy depending on your point of view.


(Digression – Why the internet can be great. So which has more sun a partly cloudy or partly sunny day? Off I go down the google hole!)






I’m back. So…while you waited did your glass become half empty or is it half full?

It seems that officially, meteorologistly speaking…partly sunny and partly cloudy mean the same thing! It depends on the speaker. Now, I always assumed that a partly cloudy day was less sunny then a  partly sunny day but many people out there in internet land make a convincing counter argument. If your glass is partly full or partly empty which has more liquid in it? I would say the partly empty glass is more full then the partly full glass so isn’t a partly cloudy day therefore more sunny than a partly sunny day?

Could be! Who knows?

Anyway. The temperature at the river was the same as the rest of the city but…


the wind was blowing in the high teens or low 20′s so it felt a bit brisker. That didn’t stop these kids from PS 75 who took an art trip to the river


to make their own driftwood and flotsam/jetsam art!  I didn’t ask what grade they were in because I just assumed second or first. If it was a third grade class they almost certainly would have been trapped in a classroom being taught the finer points of taking a bubble test, – sorry I mean learning the math and english appropriate to the  grade level of their required make or break test - which is being given shortly. They certainly would NOT have been wasting time on such frivolity as Art (or for that matter History or critical thinking or deep reading).

As they headed back to school for dismissal I headed up to Riverside Park and shortly thereafter the fun continued with a wider range of ages.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.






4-7-14 A Sunday Journey

Yesterday I showed the threshold of a New York spring.  As several people noticed I stopped by the Lighthouse on my walk.

RSJohnson_Hudson_1404060094 I then headed off to get up to the bridge. I took a different route this time. It involves an underpass beneath the West Side Highway…



It is a charming place. From there you have several choices. I decided to go under the northbound off ramp…


but soon enough I was up on the bridge looking back on the way I had come and the way I would return home and wondering what kind of idiot would possibly ruin their political career by ordering the shutdown of three lanes leading on to a bridge that carried 102 million (102,000,000) vehicles in 2013.


4-6-14 Weekly Photo Challenge # 2 -Threshold


The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day.
Robert Frost


“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”




I was not going to do this again so soon (vision #1- here) but I spent the afternoon out and about uptown on the river from 155th Street to the bridge. The world was out there. Despite it only being in the low 50′s something in the air has changed and we are clearly, finally, on the threshold of spring here in NYC. So many snuggling couples out and about. Kisses filled the street. The tennis courts were full. The fishermen were out and the barbecues (a few) were going. The boarders were on the river. Yes we are on the threshold of spring and the relief was palpable.


I hope they realize this is “my” tree (long story)


 Soon enough to bloom


Those crazy days when half of us are in summer and half still in winter



Now really you didn’t think my threshold wouldn’t end anywhere but here…


Of course, soon enough the whining about the summer heat will start but for now…

It has been a Mary Black kind of weekend for me so here is one of her uptempo spring songs.

Other thresholdian visions:











and speaking of someone on the threshold…




2-20-14 Happy Birthday Ansel Adams

Moonrise A very well-known image. Possibly Ansel Adam’s most famous.  Everyone knows what the final image looks like. Or do we? As the linked article from artnet.com demonstrates we do not.

It hasn’t snowed in New York for several days now. Although they are predicting a possible storm next week. Nonetheless I have not seen this harbinger of spring since 12/17/13 when I took this picture.


1-12-14 Illuminated Travel Theme

“Freedom of thought is best promoted by the gradual illumination of men’s minds which follows from the advance of science.”

Charles Darwin

Illuminated. That is the theme Ailsa picked this week. Before I came upon the burning bank yesterday I had been down by the Hudson. Now yesterday was a typical April day in New York City. Warmish, rainy, and as dusk rolled in, so did the fog. However there was enough illumination for me to shoot.


Here, I illuminate other views.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Window on an illuminated sky | wordsvisual

12-17-13 A Harbinger?

It snowed in the city this morning.


I have been rushing about and unable to get to the river or do much shooting for myself at all but mis-scheduled today so that I had an appointment at 7 AM and then a clear schedule until 1 PM after which I am booked until close to midnight. Should have taken a nap, but instead I went through Riverside Park down to the river.  I figured I would see how the 800 handled the weather (wonderfully) and I put on my fixed 50 so I could take some “in-scene” portraits of folks out in the weather.


Okay, that may not have worked out…

Here we are just 4 days away from Winter Solstice; actually 99 hours and 36 minutes when I took this shot;  and what do I see? A harbinger of spring, perhaps?

Snow 3a1312170028

Diversion: Capture The Colour Photo Challenge

Just discovered this contest Capture The Colour which ends today.

The colours (or colors on this side of the pond) requested are: Red; Green; Blue; Yellow and White (the anti-color). A few of these may be familiar to some of you.

The Little Red Lighthouse


Green – Champlain Canal Lock # 5

Green_CC-Lock 5-0089120203

Blue – Duck Pond, Wellfleet MA


Yellow –  Creek to Hudson River, Nyack NY

Yellow-0096 copy

White – The trail between Inwood Hills park and The George Washington Bridge


A further request is that you invite five fellow bloggers to submit. Several bloggers I would have chosen have already been picked. Several others are on the other side of the world where it is already the 10th.

Yi-Ching Lin Photography

Photography Journal Blog (Amy Maranto)


Leanne Cole Photography - This may very well be too late but you should check out her blog anyway

Jean’s Photography Blog

Have fun…



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