15-06-07 Vivid 2

Chicken, TV, dinner
6 minutes on defrost, 3 on high
Beer to wash it down with then another
A little whiskey on the side

It’s not so bad alone here
It don’t bother me that every night’s the same
I don’t need another lover
Hanging ’round, trying to make me change

Fish swim, birds fly
Lovers leave by and by
Old men sit and think
I drink


The challenge this week is vivid

First attempt is right here.

Second attempt

(inspired in some weird way by the accidental cootchie mama’s‘s father’s day campaign)

is right below here:


More vivid visions:









4-5-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is threshold…described as: “A threshold is a point of entering; that point just before a new beginning — that split-second moment in time, full of anticipation. All the hard work is over; relief is palpable.” I disagree with all the hard work is over; relief is palpable.

Not the first time I have shown a photograph of this. It used to be the biggest threshold in the USA and perhaps the world. Sadly I do not believe it carries the same resonance anymore.



Some other views of threshold…

I think this fits…












5-30-13 Fight The Technology

“A computer is like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy”

Joseph Campbell

I am reputed to be pretty good with technology and able to operate new (to me) software quickly. Maybe so…

I have been spending the evening looking at/working with/cursing out various book publishing sites. Blurb, Adorama, A&I,  to name three. These sites are supposed to make your life easier?

If they say so…

Anyway a few of the pictures I worked on earlier today. My apologies for any recent repeats but as I close in on finalizing this work, the field of choices narrows.

4-13-12 Friday The 13th – The Empire State Building

Today…I decided to be a tourist. I usually don’t go to the big “must see”  tourist locations in town unless we have out-of-town guests but I said to myself, “hey it’s a beautiful late afternoon, my tasks are done for the day, what should I do?” I don’t do the Statue of Liberty…it is too depressing and ironic to go through all that security to visit the symbol of freedom.  I know…let’s check out The Empire State Building!

Fun Fact: The building is 102 stories and from start of excavation (January 22, 1930) through opening (May 1, 1931) took 15 months approximately 17% of the time the new World Trade Center (104 stories) will take.

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4-3-12 – Back To Normal?

“The sun was warm but the wind was chill.  You know how it is with an April day.”
–  Robert Frost

It was that kind of day in NYC. On the sunny side of the street, it was mid spring. On the cloudy side, mid-March.

I saw some odd things today…

some truly odd things…

but, by far this was the weirdest…

“Velvet Ropes” and a bouncer? To get into Ben & Jerry’s?



11-11-11 The First Lighthouse Of The Hudson

A story accompanies the post today, written by Andra Watkins, author of The Accidental Cootchie Mama. Andra has spent the week writing “Stories About My Father” and asked me to participate today. She has written a truly lovely story. Please follow this link to experience both pieces of the work. I suggest you read the story first and then come back here to view the slide show. Thanks to Andra for inviting me to contribute in a small way to her work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

N.B For those who are worried that I have abandoned my Hudson River roots, have no fear. The First Lighthouse on the Hudson River.

10-17-11 Staten Island Ferry

Did the round trip to Staten Island today to get a different perspective on the mouth of the river (and to shoot the Statue of Liberty). Boy was the perspective different.

I don’t know if every ferry now gets a Coast Guard escort but we had one coming and going. Seems an awful waste of money and more designed to frighten the citizens of the US than in protecting anything.

But the water running past the ferry was calming…

and I loved looking up the river mouth to the GW Bridge.

After that I swung by the Urban Farm at the Battery and then visited the Occupy Wall Street encampment (Occupy Wall Street Facebook Page)  since it was the one month anniversary – I hope to have a separate post about that up by the end of the day.

9-19-11 Ride The Tide

I took 281 pictures today in the space of a three hour tour

Admittedly some were for a new side project I am working on about the Lady in the Harbor but still…

I figured I would run another slide show, particularly since the East River, where the tour started, was jammed with police and Coast Guard boats and we saw the President’s Helicopter landing just south of the South Street Seaport but then I thought – three days in a row of not being able to find the right picture to express the day?

How far I have strayed from the initial impulse.  I then realized that of the 12 or so blogs that I subscribe to (all found through Postaday2011) 6 are in the process of changing up their game.

1: Is trying a new format in hopes of being more open, involved, interesting, exposed…or something else in that area.

1: Has started a new blog for a specific journey they are taking.

3 and 4: Have simply vanished – despite both of their final statements being something along the lines of …”be back soon.”

5 and 6: Have decided that posting once a day is taking the fun out.

In reality, the only two blogs I read regularly that seem to keep a laser focus are:

1: an infertility blog, the pain, the ridiculousness of the process, the insensitivity of much of the world, and the reactions that spontaneously arise towards the loudly fertile;

2: a blog about a lifelong (seemingly) spiritual quest.

I am quite certain there are many others on many topics but these are the two I know.  Both have in common dedicated seeking of a specific idea or event, a need that penetrates down to the bone.

The sample size is actually too small to mean anything but I do find it suggestive.

In any event, out of 180 possibilities (the rest were of the Statue of Liberty and are for another time), which I cut down to 15, which Abigail then cut down to 5, today’s view of the Hudson…