15-06-28 Red Molly (Muse)

Went to see Red Molly at the City Winery tonight in what seems to be their last NYC appearance until…? After a gazillion years of touring they are going on hiatus… sigh.

Weekly Photo Challenge is muse. These women (tri-staters, no less!) seem to have many or perhaps they are three of the 9?

My first go is at the challenge is here

RSJohnson_150628_9843 RSJohnson_150628_9851 RSJohnson_150628_9858 RSJohnson_150628_9868 RSJohnson_150628_9876 RSJohnson_150628_9878

15-06-23 Deck Of Cards – One Quick Blink

This is the first poem and second image from the new book


Deck of Cards

The angels of lime
come unraveled at a vibration
of chance and breakfast.

The demons were concealing sands
when they discovered
the spirit
of explosions.

Demons, angels
go on picking up what corresponds to each
from the deck
of the afterworld:

From fatigue comes the star,
from the rose the rivers,
from the hand the path
…and from the white nets
the blackness of homicide.

David Huerta

Translated by Mark Schafer


06-15-15 Double Your Pleasure Or At Least Your Fun

While I waited for a few students from the ICP Borough Walk through Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge Park to meet us at Jane’s Carousel, I thought I would play with some double exposures at bride central – the boardwalk in front of the carousel. I was there for about 45 minutes and saw 5 wedding dresses with groom tux accompaniment and three engagement shoots happening…in a town this big you would think…

Nah, it is a pretty place.



15-06-10 A New Artifact

I have been working on another artist book, this one about images from Holy Week in Mexico City. Unlike the Quotidian Hudson – still a few copies left by the way – this is not the culmination of 4 years of labor and life. This is an outsider’s quick flyby of a culture not his own. I think the title is apt…“One Quick Blink”. I submitted the final files to the lovely folks at Conveyor Arts earlier this evening. They are a “production house specializing in small run editions…”.

I will have more details in the coming days but for now I thought I would share one of the images from the book.

And yes, I do realize this could be used for the Weekly photo challenge: Vivid


15-06-05 Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid (Kahlo Edition)

And your mind is reeling as the sky is changing
All you’re feeling and you’re re-arranging
The rest of your life like lines on an old sailor’s chart

You climb back in, fire the ignition
Put your hands on the wheel, head into the distance
The distance between the daylight and the dark

Mary Gauthier, Fred Eaglesmith

Read more: Mary Gauthier – Between The Daylight And The Dark Lyrics | MetroLyrics

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Vivid.”

A small piece of the garden wall at the Museo Frida Kahlo


Other vivid visions: