9-21-13 Travel Theme: Through

Ailsa’s theme this week is through.

Through the protective fence-Chelsea Piers

Through the protective fence-Chelsea Piers

Trees In Riverside park

Through the Trees In Riverside Park

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3-29-13 A Quiet Start To The Weekend

A few days ago I was in Riverside Park and down by the river looking for spring. I didn’t find it but I did find these.

Tall and Tan and Young and Handsome

Tall and Tan and Young and Handsome

Love is in the concrete

Love is in the concrete

Looking over the water

Looking over the water

12-6-12 White Bird

I spent all day today in the Lightroom.  I took a photo cruise with B&H around Manhattan back in October. They  teamed up with A&I Photobooks on a promotion that lets you create a 40 page photo book of the day very inexpensively. I took over 700 hundred pictures that day. Today I spent the day cutting.

First cut brought me to 250. Second cut to 140. Those I did some minimal work on (primarily white balance and exposure) and then cut down to 75. Those I worked more extensively. I am now down to 59 and will make my final cut in the morning.

I worked one picture more than the rest and below we have it in theme and variations. I am interested to hear your thoughts. Which one do you like?
Seagull Trio-1

Seagull Trio-2

Seagull Trio-3

10-14-12 No Drama Sunday – Fall Edition

After several days of unseasonably cold weather, today was simply Autumn. 70, wind, partially sunny, what else can you say.  I walked through Riverside Park for several hours, spent time at the river which was abuzz with people: sailors, kayakers, runners, joggers, strollers, walkers, bikers, bladers, sitters, and sleepers.  You will have to take my word for that since there will be no pictures of that scene today…

Let’s take a look at the park.


Travel Theme: Curves (8-31-12 Pass # 2)

The day that Ailsa posted her travel theme of the week I actually went out to shoot those curves I could see.  The focus of this blog is The Hudson River and rivers do deal in curves in many ways. While I shot I remembered that I had seen some Curves just a few days before and so without even looking at these I went back to that day and used those images. I looked at these images today and found several I liked.

So here we go Curves Part 2:

The first image is on the walk down to the river…

The second is looking at the river through the tunnel under the Henry Hudson Highway:

The third image is the muse of this blog…

6-19-12 Forever Wild

Having been hijacked by squirrels yesterday, I took a different route and made it to Forever Wild today. This being New York City, trail messages had been improved… I think it’s a song title

The area is primarily a bird sanctuary but being mid-afternoon most were asleep or out and about.

It is truly quiet and peaceful in here…

This across the trail tree fall does not look natural to me. The only question is: Did the Park Rangers or the homeless folk do it?

I didn’t feel like scrambling today, that can wait for another time so I headed back down the trail. 50 yards after leaving Forever Wild I was back in NYC. Around every corner there is something to see and shoot.


6/19/11 Start of Father’s Day Hudson Boat Ride