1-1-11 Floating With The River

The River Day 1 (1-1-11)

When I was RIFed from my job (RIF=Reduction In Force  – corporate terminology for: “Goodbye, we are not firing you BUT your job…it’s gone”), I was very uncertain of how to occupy my time.  I was casting about for something and my wife said: “you are constantly taking pictures, why don’t you just do what you love and shoot”. So I did. I took a class at ICP, to add structure to my thoughts and life, and started to think about what I wanted to shoot. It soon became clear to me that I was drawn to the Hudson River on an almost daily basis. So, I decided that I would shoot the river every day no matter the weather or how I was feeling.  Some days, it might be from a distance but I would shoot it everyday. So I have. Today is January 30th. I have been doing this since 1-1-11. I will be posting a picture a day going forward but first I need to catch up and post all of January.  I will be doing this tomorrow. The blog will go live on 2/1/11.

Looking for work is a full time job BUT it is just about the most boring and frustrating job you will ever have and you have to have something else. This started as my something else but it has become my passion.  The Hudson is a hugely important river in the history of North America, New York and Manhattan, yet most of us who live on the island do not give it a thought. I have been as guilty of this as anyone. Today, January 30th,  I planned to go out for 30 minutes – I was on the river for 3 hours. There is always something different to see or a different way to see it.

A technical note…unless otherwise noted all words and images are fully owned by me, Robert S Johnson, dba “Quotidian Hudson River”, “Quotidian Hudson”, “quotidianhudsonriver.com” and “quotidianhudsonriver.wordpress.com”, and may not be used in any other forum without permission.  All images will be presented with minimal editing – I will be setting up a photo site with “final” images down the road. Your comments are most appreciated, whether on the river, the photographs, the writing, the format,  or anything else you care to say.


6 responses to “1-1-11 Floating With The River

  1. Very impressed, I Imagine the days have been cold yet you persevered, look forward tomorrow’s pictures and the days after

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