3-2-11 Hastings-on-Hudson

I have made a decision re pictures and this blog.  When I go out of town I will not limit myself to one picture since I may not visit these places more than once. NYC I do daily…so away we go.

Today I decided to visit the next stop on the Metro North line and headed off to Hastings-on-Hudson.  It is a smallish village north of Yonkers. From the waterfront in MacEchron Park you can see the Tappan Zee bridge very clearly as you look north and the George Washington Bridge as you look south.  MacEchron Park is one of the few places in the village that you can actually get down to the water since the Metro North right of way effectively blocks access.However many of the residents have great views of the river since the village is built on a series of hills.

They also have completed a small piece of the Hudson River Greenway Trail through the village.  I walked the The Hubbard Trail Extension to The Rowley’s Bridge Trail and then through the town recycling area which had a small but poignant lawnmower graveyard to get back to the train station.  The cafe at the train station has a very nice 42″ (I think) LCD TV which was playing the The Food Network (the Neelys to be precise). I asked the owner what else they showed and he said nothing. Food Network all day everyday.


2 responses to “3-2-11 Hastings-on-Hudson

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  2. Hi Robert. Many thanks for your comments on my blog. Your topic is interesting and will provide you with a stimulating seasonal reflection as you complete the year. I scanned a few posts and couldn’t tell if you’d found work yet. If not, I trust that something worthwhile comes your way soon. Lee

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