3-15-11 The Ides of March

According to Wikipedia:

“The Ides of March is celebrated every year by the Rome Hash House Harriers with a toga run in the streets of Rome, in the same place where Julius Caesar was killed.”   


“The Ides of March” is the name of the 21st episode of the fourth season of the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess“.

Neither of these factoids have anything to do with the Hudson but given the grim news from Japan I felt a little distraction might be in order.

Early morning by the river is a busy time. Lots of people out exercising. Runners, joggers and bikers, of course, but also power walkers, bladers (snow is GONE!), Tai chi chuan  practitioners, others performing various moving meditations, the calisthenics crowd, and another lone kayaker.  She and I had a nice conversation as she was paddling by. She was also one of the few who had dressed for the day as it was (36 degrees and windy) as opposed to the day people wanted. (Spring)

Then you have the river walkers who are out by the river for a myriad of reasons, from getting their daily constitutional, walking their dogs, birdwatching, thinking, looking, and even one crazy guy who always seems to have a camera with him and shoots just about anything.  Takes all types I guess…

Yesterday I said that I needed new walking shoes.  Today, my knees and ankles are seconding that thought.

The news from Japan just keeps getting worse…


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