3-17-11 Celebrating the Green

spire of Pier A.

Depending on which NY Times article you read, Pier A either juts into the Hudson (at it’s mouth) and is thus the southernmost pier on the river, or juts into New York Bay and is thus the westernmost pier on the New York side of the harbor and the gateway to the Hudson.  I say the northern side is river and the southern side is bay. In either case it is under renovation and a lease has just been awarded. Another restaurant downtown!

Pier A has a long history in the city and discussions about what to do with it have been going on for decades. A very quick search in the New York Times archives turns up an article,  May 1, 1988,  concerning putting a restaurant in the space.

I had several choices of pictures today but for reasons known only to my subconscious, this one won out.  I think it is the mixture of 19th century architecture with 20th century construction site, the iconic Ferry boat and the UFO. (which if you zoom in turns into a seagull – oh well).