4-9-11 Fort Washington Park: Entrances and Art; Fish and Fun

It almost felt like spring today.  The high hit 58 degrees and the sun was actually out.  Lots of people were out to make the best of it.

On the Vernal Equinox I showed you the 155th Street Entrance to the river. Today I thought we would take a walk to my favorite uptown entrance which is only 3 blocks north. The 158th Street entrance to Fort Washington ParkSo as always I hopped on the “1” and headed north, this time to the 157th Street Station.  (See map at bottom of post for full walk).  I headed down 158th Street and came to Safety City which “is a traffic safety program for school children that uses a simulated New York City street to teach children about traffic safety through hands-on experience.” 

Go through a tunnel and you are at the entrance..



The reverse view from the river…I think they really did a nice job inserting this into the existing urban landscape.

So I headed south. Folks everywhere doing all sorts of stuff.  My first Striped Bass picture of the season. I almost didn’t get this shot. This guy was a pro, pulled the fish in, unhooked it and threw it back all in about 30 seconds.

His girlfriend was taking shot after shot of him with her phone.

A community built and maintained rest area.  This is just as comfortable as the city benches and I appreciate that someone liberated a trash can to prevent litter.

I have never noticed this structure before on this walk. Now I must find out what it is and why it is there in no mans land between Riverside Drive and the Amtrak trackbed.

Cats (feral?) The black one has just caught a mouse

I love the way her coat brings the color out of the trees.

There was also a lot of new art on the river. Friday was a busy night.

I ended up at the Dog Run Cafe which was open. Spring is here!  Anyone up here want to meet me for a beer and a lovely view- give a call!



2 responses to “4-9-11 Fort Washington Park: Entrances and Art; Fish and Fun

  1. Lovely photos! Especially like the the guy sitting in the tree. He looks planted there because of the thin branches. New York is great in spring.

  2. Thanks for the offer of a beer! But we’re too farr away to take you up on it. Next time we’re in NYC. OK? J&R

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