5-21-11 A Bright and Sunny Day

Woke up to bright sunshine and temperatures in the 70s!  Unfortunately, by the time I was able to get out in the mid afternoon, it was closing in on rain and temperatures had dropped back into the 60’s.

As Linda Ellerbee used to say NBC News Overnight “And so it goes.”

3 responses to “5-21-11 A Bright and Sunny Day

  1. What a great shot! The clarity is amazing. All those buildings on the other side, are they apartments, do you think?! Condos? Where is this in NYC?

    Our nice weather lasted the whole day! 🙂

    • This is below 14th Street near the old Meat Market. The High Line starts right there. That is New Jersey across the river and I do believe those are all new (ish) Condos, Coops and rentals. There may be some office buildings in there but I think it is mainly housing.

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