6-16-11 Glee

No time for the river today. Had to rush home to get Abigail and her friend Angel to New Jersey, The Meadowlands Izod Center to be exact, in time to see  “Glee Live Tour“.  For those of you who may not live in a place where Glee exists or who do not know any “Gleeks“, Glee is a television show set in a high school in Ohio that centers on the trials and tribulations of a high school Glee Club, the losers of the school. The club is a perfect Colors  of Benetton world (updated for the 2000’s with the addition of gay, heavy, and mentally challenged kids), who sing between 5-7 songs an episode.  The audience leans heavily towards teenagers, particularly girls, and musical theater fans (several of the performers are Tony Winning or Tony nominated actors).

The Izod Center has a room set aside for parents to sit in if you chose not to go to the concert. They give you free sodas and water, pretzels, popcorn, onion rings, and all the TV you could possible want to watch. After I got my water I went back outside since it was a beautiful night and I could hear the screams of the crowd as favorite songs or performers hit the stage.

Both of these images are from March and are “worked” more than normal, especially the one below.

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