7-10-11 The Boat The Pond The Drive-In

April 4th Looking back at NJ

The girls stayed awake until at least 3:30 when my mother woke up and kicked them into bed so we got a late start on the day. Still crammed a lot in.  Went walking on the tidal flats, rented a boat and let the girls drive in the bay, went to Duck Pond, a kettle pond formed by glaciers over a few years ago, grilled outside and then hit the Drive-in to see Transformers 3.  Katherine and I sat outside and left the girls in the car, That way we could look at the stars and the moon and not the complete ridonk Hi Rebekah! going on on screen. I assume that Leonard NimoyFrances McDormand, and John Malkovich owed Bay or Speilberg a favor or their kids asked them to do it…

ok, I can’t figure how to pull the NJ pic from the slideshow. my apologies, and I don’t have enough connectivity to fight it…

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