7-20-11 Yonkers – NYC/Fire/Sewage/Time Passing

Will there be any freight trains in heaven
Any boxcars in which we might hide
Will there be any tough cops or brakemen
Will they tell us that we cannot ride

Will the hobo chum with the rich man
Will we always have money to spare
Will they have respect for the hobo
In that land that lies hidden up there

While I was enjoying myself strolling along the waterfront in Yonkers, The sewage treatment plant below Riverbank State Park (which I have written about frequently – January 30 ) caught on fire and we are now dumping raw sewage into the river…

Fire and Sewage Dump

This song seems appropriate even if it is about Boston (my hometown) and not NYC (my town).

Dirty Water

A Trio from The Trio

I hate waiting – I actually do it well but I hate it…

5 responses to “7-20-11 Yonkers – NYC/Fire/Sewage/Time Passing

  1. I really like today’s pictures!

    I’ve just watched an hour+ of footage from a trip to NYC. My husband’s son is here visiting from Quebec City, and he showed us all his filming from a recent [very quick] trip he took there.

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