8-19-11 Accidental Cootchie Challenge

In honor of our massive Thunder and Lightning storm last night I take you back to (the golden days?) of 1979

Amii Stewart

Yesterday one of my blogging friends, The Accidental Cootchie Mama, said that she was leaving her usual haunts in South Carolina and headed to Beacon, NY for a visit and would be taking pictures of the Hudson but would be afraid to post them (which I take as a compliment) …especially because she would be using her “iThingy” – she loves to play the tech illiterate which she most definitely is not -.

I like a challenge so I decide to use my iPhone to shoot yesterday…and I decided I would try to get that shot that is in my head but I can’t get in the camera…what do you think?

Then to be fair, I figured more of a vista shot…

and finally a kind of contrast and compare shot with my Nikon …

14 responses to “8-19-11 Accidental Cootchie Challenge

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  4. The more I see this round thing, the more I’m itching to give it a shot myself. Hope I’ll get to see it in real life one day. This shot is the one I like the best so far, I think.

    The iPhone does a good job.

    Some storm! I saw about it, also in the Boston news last night.

  5. Now you have gone and done it……..every crazy on earth seeking Cootchie is going to land on your poor little blog.

    I think the iThingy does a great job. I am being dragged to DIA this afternoon. I will see what I can do to rise to this challenge.

    (This made me laugh out loud, BTW. Thank you.)

  6. The Nikon gets more subtleties of thingies like contrast in the sky (clouds vs. blue), but there is much to be said for the quality of the shots taken with the iThingy…

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