10-17-11 Staten Island Ferry

Did the round trip to Staten Island today to get a different perspective on the mouth of the river (and to shoot the Statue of Liberty). Boy was the perspective different.

I don’t know if every ferry now gets a Coast Guard escort but we had one coming and going. Seems an awful waste of money and more designed to frighten the citizens of the US than in protecting anything.

But the water running past the ferry was calming…

and I loved looking up the river mouth to the GW Bridge.

After that I swung by the Urban Farm at the Battery and then visited the Occupy Wall Street encampment (Occupy Wall Street Facebook Page)  since it was the one month anniversary – I hope to have a separate post about that up by the end of the day.

7 responses to “10-17-11 Staten Island Ferry

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  2. I remember taking the Staten Island ferry back in 1981. It was my first trip to New York, and my boyrfriend (a native New Yorker) made sure that I saw all five boroughs. He said a lot of New Yorkers had lived there their whole lives and never done so.

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