11-05-11 Two Views Of Fall

I spent much of today working in International Center of Photography (ICP)‘s library. They just added some new shelves and when you do that in a library it means that every book in the place needs to be touched. It is a great time to get all books back in catalog order.

There are a LOT of photography books in the world. I saw some great stuff by people I have never heard of.  Looking at the images made it very difficult for me to figure out why some break through to, relative, fame and fortune while other equally talented people do not.

After I walked home from ICP via the river Katherine and I went to Han Joo in Flushing with our friends, Peter and Susan, for Korean food. A fun evening.

I hope everyone in the States remembers to fall back.

One response to “11-05-11 Two Views Of Fall

  1. That is a question I’ve often asked myself too … These days, when so much creativity has come through since the digital camera came into play … a lot of great work is being done out there … amazing work, actually.

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