12-30-11 What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

I stand by the river and I know that it has been here yesterday and will be here tomorrow and that therefore, since I am part of its pattern today, I also belong to all its yesterdays and will be a part of all its tomorrows. This is a kind of earthly immortality, a kinship with rivers and hills and rocks, with all things and all creatures that have ever lived or ever will live or have their being on the earth. It is my assurance of an orderly continuity in the great design of the universe. — Virginia Eifert

Nature laughs at human design

Those of you who have been kind enough to follow the Quotidian Hudson through the year are aware that there is one shot I have returned to over and over throughout 2011, never managing to capture what I see in my mind.  (It’s not the vision I had). As my year of blogging ends I had to go back and try again. (No matter, try again, fail again, fail better).  I did not capture what I see but did, as has frequently happened, come up with a shot that pleased me a bit.  I am showing two versions of it. One straight from the camera and one manipulated in Lightroom. I would love your thoughts as to which you prefer and whether this is even a good shot.

Self-Portrait 1

Self Portrait 2

I hope everyone has a glorious New Year’s Eve.

As to the headline on the post? What can I say, I am an American of a certain age…(lyric by garcia, hunter, lesh, weir)


8 responses to “12-30-11 What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

  1. Where is this thing? I am going to have to make a pilgrimage to it the next time I’m there. I feel like I know it well.

    I like the light room version, though if you had only posted the original, I would’ve thought it perfect.

    Enjoy your family tonight. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you this year and hope we all see you here tomorrow and in the months to come. Happy 2012.

  2. I like #2 for the punch of warm light. A frame like this allows you to contemplate where you are, and where you might be going, in this case, if you didn’t mind plunging into the unknown. Good photo. Will you have a new project, continue this one, or plunge into the unknown?

    • I know I will continue this one but without the obsessive nature of daily visits with camera. I do see the river everyday so that calms my soul. I don’t have an answer to the project yet. I am treading water and just shooting. We shall see what develops. Thanks for visiting and Happy New Year!

  3. I know what you mean and admire your tenacity. I prefer the warmer vintage tones of the manipulated image and echo what Rebekah has said. If you did manage to achieve that (and I guess you would have to adjust your visiting time to get the shadow in front of you) you would be returning the image to its original shape; from circle to rectangle and back again. Happy New Year

  4. Lots of water has flown under the bridges 🙂
    It’s been a pleasure…

    I really like this thing. Also like the carefully manipulated image of it — not too much, just right.

    It seems to me, that no matter how one crops it, one always gets those corners outside the thing. Would it be possible to take a shot of the thing from straight in front of it, and somehow crop so that the thing [as much as possible of it] turns into the framing?!

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