1-1-12 The Birds

Last night through this morning we celebrated the completely arbitrary change over of the year. – (In 1752 Great Britain adopted the Gregorian calendar and presto, goodbye March 25, Feast of the Annunciation, and hello, January 1, Feast of the Circumcision)

Today, I went out to shoot and found myself in Riverbank State Park looking over the Hudson.  Habits are hard things to break. While walking through the park I was privileged to see a reenactment of some early moments of “The Birds“.

Picture if you will, seagulls sitting peacefully on a fence, just hanging out.

Is that really all they are doing?

Time to move!

Picture a young couple seated on a bench enjoying their lunch when suddenly they are surrounded by a flock – (image too frightening for a G rated blog such as this.)  What should they do?


Notice how cleverly the gull leader and her lieutenant are separating the couple, driving them in different directions …

Quickly into the abandoned gym!

They hadn’t noticed the open window…

4 responses to “1-1-12 The Birds

  1. Wow! What’s with those gulls … they really wanted the couple’s food badly, or what? Normally they only act like that when they had their nest to protect. Those guys were just hanging around, hoping for french fries…

    Very nice series of shots, though! 🙂

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