1-9-12 A Day Late And A Dollar Short

There are many great things about 2011 receding in the rear view mirror. It was just an awful year…One of the small good things (and yet…) was the end of the Postaday2011 challenge. I had given myself a number of “ropes and rules” that dictated how I would participate. They are now gone.  That means that I can post two days behind reality if I want to.  Post late in the day. Who knows, maybe I will put two days together sometime in the future so I can catch up.

I visited St John The Divine (aka St John the unfinished) today (1-9-12).

The Peace Fountain at St. John The Divine

Continuing the unfinished theme…despite being The Peace Fountain, there is no running water.

It is one of the two well known houses of worship up here (the other being the Riverside Church). They are not nearly as famous as St. Pat’s, but they are both truly integral parts of the entire Morningside Heights community.

There is a school connected with St Johns which is behind the cathedral and The Bible Garden.

The Bible Garden

Despite appearances, I was not intruding on a counseling session. Out of sight behind the statues and hedges is a camera crew. Some of the school’s film students were shooting a movie.

One of the great events at St Johns is the blessing of the animals which is held every fall. We have seen everything from elephants to pythons, ferrets to gerbils, although dogs and cats rule. They don’t just talk the talk about animals though. There are a number of peacocks living on the grounds of the Cathedral. They scared Abigail no end when she was little.

I do still miss shooting the river everyday though.



3 responses to “1-9-12 A Day Late And A Dollar Short

  1. I love the direction you’re taking with the blog this year, Robert. It is a more complete picture of you and your family, I think.

    I, too, am glad to see 2011 in the rearview mirror. It was a hard year for me, too, however I presented an okay public face. I hope 2012 is better for both of us.

    MTM surprised me tonight with Valentine’s Day plane tickets to “New York City” (please hear the Southern hick accent within the parenthesis.) So, I’ll email you about having lunch or something on the 15th. It’s a Wednesday.

  2. I’m sorry 2011 was a bad year for you. Mine was … neutral, I guess.
    It feels great to write how and when ever I feel like it though…
    That fountain is really something when you look closely at it. They should have some water there?!

    Nice bird 🙂

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