2-18-12 From Mexico To The Middle East

Today, Katherine and I took a road trip.  Naturally we started with lunch.  We went to Tortilleria Nixtmal in Corona, Queens…It seems that it is the only place in the five boroughs that makes its own masa. The tamales were heaven.

Then we moved on to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

1World Trade Center

1 WTC and Empire State Building

Then the sun came out

As the refuge closes at sunset we moved on to Jacob Riis Park…It was really too dark to shoot but since when has that stopped me…

They went in up to their knees

As we exited Riis we drove through Fort Tilden

Then it was across the Marine Parkway Bridge (a drawbridge that went up just before we crossed) and off to Bay Ridge in Brooklyn to eat at Tanoreen just about the best Lebanese/Palestinian/Middle Eastern food in the city.


8 responses to “2-18-12 From Mexico To The Middle East

  1. I too, just as bwinwnbwi, like the mood of these photos.

    Guess there is no country that isn’t represented, in the way of food, in NYC..

    • Thanks. Food, yes we can get many many varieties here. At Abigail’s elementary school, 56 languages were represented by the families who were sending their kids there. That is not an unusual number for a K-5 school.

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