3-10-12 6 Hours of Winter (Cape Cod Edition)

So we journeyed to Cape Cod to see Katherine’s mother and woke up this morning to this…

10:50 AM

This was more snow than the three of us had seen since October 29, 2011. Of course, this being the winter of 2011-12…

4:43 PM

My attempt at a Hopper




11 responses to “3-10-12 6 Hours of Winter (Cape Cod Edition)

  1. Great photos, Robert. I remember making a trip out to Montauk in 1990 at about this time in March, and the weather conditions were similar. It really captured my imagination, just as I’m sure this weekend’s to Caoe Cod excusion captured yours.

  2. I too, want to visit Cape Cod one day. Always wanted … want to see Hyannis..

    So, you got a little snow there. We did too, today. It was the weirdest day, weather-wise … it managed to show of almost all weather types there is! Snow, wind, sunshine …

    Now I’ll go and find out what/who Hopper is πŸ™‚

  3. Your Hopper is real, Robert. Just put Abigail grasping in the foreground somewhere, her face tuned away from the camera, and it’s the same. Wow.

    I have wanted to visit the Cape for most of my life. Never have. Maybe someday…….

    Glad you got a smattering of snow. Eat some clams for me, if that’s in season.

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