3-25-12/3-30-12 Seize The Day – Run Away

So, we were scheduled to take a 6:30AM flight to San Juan on Sunday the 25th.  That would get us into San Juan at 11:00 with an hour and 25 minutes lay over before getting on the plane to Melville Hall in Dominica.  At approximately 2:30 on Saturday, I received an automated call from American Airlines informing me that, due to crew regulations, our 6:30am flight would not be leaving until 8:30am… Now I am no math genius but a quick count on my fingers told me that we were going to miss our connection to Dominica and there is only one plane a day…

I called American who told me that, indeed, my math was correct and it looked like we were SOL…unless we could get to JFK by 4:30 since there were still seats available on the 6:30pm flight to San Juan. They said they could probably get us a hotel when we arrived.

Of course, Katherine wasn’t home and Abigail and I were not packed, it can easily take an hour to JFK from our apartment and we had to decide … right now. I managed to track Katherine down, we discussed for 30 seconds and decided to go for it.  Called AA back and said, “book it, Dano”.  Abigail and I hurled stuff in to our suitcases, we got in touch with our cat feeders and said “hey, you are on,”, picked up some necessities at the drug store and we were off.   Made it to the ticket counter by 5pm and were in San Juan by 10:30pm. Of course, none of us had eaten lunch or dinner but, hey…

As we got off the plane we spoke with Cora Vilmari, a wonderful ticket agent for AA, who arranged a hotel, and vouchers for taxis to and from the airport, dinner and breakfast. So, in reality, everything worked out for the best. We didn’t have to get up stupidly early to catch our plane, we were rested as we arrived in Dominica, Katherine and I got to watch the cream of San Juan strut their stuff at the casino next to our hotel and we had room and board. Of course, it turned out that I had packed one t-shirt, (but 9 pairs of socks!) Abigail had not been able to find her sunglasses, her backup camera was not with us etc. but hey, so it goes…

What follows are a few (well more than a few) highlights of the trip.  Skim at your leisure…

“You can pretend for a long time, but one day it all falls away and you are alone. We are alone in the most beautiful place in the world…”

Jean Rhys (Born – Roseau, Dominica – 1890-1979)

Bat Hole - Secret Beach

Trail to Boiling Lake

Valley Of Desolation

The Boiling Lake (2nd largest in world)

Boiling Lake

Iguana Alert

Candle Scene - Pirates of The Caribbean 2 (Jack's Memorial)

Calypso's House was here (Note 2x6 in background of picture - scrim hung there)

Fire (Our Indian River Guide)


Trail to Trafalgar Falls

Screw's Spa

Secret Bay

Flew into Door - Recovered and Flew Away

7 responses to “3-25-12/3-30-12 Seize The Day – Run Away

  1. Robert, knowing a sliver of what’s been up with you over the past couple of years, I can say bravo!! I am glad you, Katherine and Abigail were able to get away to such a paradise of a place. I wondered who was reading my blog in Domenica. Thanks for sharing these pictures. MTM and I are always looking for new places to see.

  2. Dominica looks like a fabulous place to go!

    Those minutes between the phone call and the decision, must have been a little …scary, sort of..

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