4-22-12 One Day On Earth At The United Nations

Today, Earth Day aka Mother Earth Day, saw the first showing of “One Day On Earth,10.10.10“. Katherine, Abigail and I were fortunate enough to go the free screening at the United Nations. It was held in The General Assembly Hall. Remarkably, it was the first time Abigail had ever been to the UN.  Not surprisingly, despite the heavy rain

i-Phone 1

i-Phone 2

and the long line outside to get in the building, through security and then to get your tickets,

i-Phone 3

the Hall was totally full at showtime.

This was an absolutely astounding event, especially when you consider that the One Day On Earth team premiered the movie yesterday in over 160 countries around the world and that video was shot on 10-10-10 in EVERY country in the world.  The quality of the images is astounding and the way the movie is edited, synthesizing the contributions of hundreds of videographers from all seven continents and from orbit, is seamless.  If it shows in your area, go see it.

The “pre-show” was some amazing mix music by Cut Chemist.


4/22/11 From Liberty State Park


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