4-29-12 Through A Glass, Darkly

Looking from outside into an open window one never sees as much as when one looks through a closed window. There is nothing more profound, more mysterious, more pregnant, more insidious, more dazzling than a window lighted by a single candle. What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what goes on behind a windowpane. In that black or luminous square life lives, life dreams, life suffers.



Back on 2/16/12 I said l’d be showing the life cycle of an abandoned engine in the river..and then I abandoned the engine again…

well better late than never…here it was on 4/29/11

6 responses to “4-29-12 Through A Glass, Darkly

  1. Great photo…I have a question that is off the subject. We are going to NYC this August and we want to go to McSorley’s in the East Village. Besides the bar, what sites do you suggest in the East Village? We haven’t spent that much time there. No worries if you don’t have any suggestions.

  2. Interesting thoughts … I feel the same way about windows and lit candle.
    I like this shot. The eye is drawn to that orange plant, but the balconies and the ornaments also add to it..

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