5-1-12 May Day – OWS – Not Dead Yet

Hands down, the best and most potent sign seen at Occupy Wall Street’s Joint March and Demo

May Day.  I spent most of today with Occupy Wall Street and their allies in labor and various Immigration groups.  I believe that their death has been over reported.  I have already heard Fox News saying that there were 1000 or less participants,  (which was patently absurd,) OWS and its allies will probably claim 10- 15,000 or more.  I don’t do crowd estimates but I would align myself with 7,500-10,000.

I started the day in Union Square with labor and Immigration, then went up to Madison Square Park for OWS Free University, then followed the OWS march from Bryant Park through Madison Square and down to Union Square to join up with the other groups.  There were also marches over the Brooklyn Bridge and a few others. By the time I had to leave the march from Union Square down to Wall Street had  not begun but was getting organized. Haven’t seen that many cops in a good long while.  Below is a small sample of my pictures from the day. I will have the rest up on Flickr soon.

Set up on Flickr as of 1:30pm




6 responses to “5-1-12 May Day – OWS – Not Dead Yet

  1. Hi Robert. In addition to really enjoying your blog, I’ve always felt a strong connection to you. I’m sorry to have to say that I will not be following (or at least downloading your pictures anymore). My aging computer has been crashing a lot lately (three of the last four times I’ve tried to view your blog). Actually, I just estimated the posts I have left before I retire this old computer (that is if it lasts that long) and it looks to be two, or perhaps three months down the road. At that time, I may or may not get another computer (probably yes though), but even if I do I will not continue blogging (my academic posts, for the most part, are merely supplemental to my already posted philosophy anyway) because, with the onset of altimezers, it’s getting harder for me to accomplish what use to be normal, routine, tasks. It’s been great Robert! I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks. Take care.

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