6-30-12 …1 WTC

Hot night last night. After dinner in downtown we (Roy, Anne, Katherine and I) took a walk to the World Trade Center site. I didn’t have the camera but here is an iPhone pic.

and since one iPhone pictures deserves another. A view of the Hudson from April 16th


4 responses to “6-30-12 …1 WTC

  1. 1 World Trade is an attractive bldg, and a far cry from the old One WTC (which, as you probably know was never called the ‘north tower’ prior to 9/11). Will the new building have an observation deck, I wonder? In the late 1980s I remember enjoying the one that was in it’s predecessor.

    • Todd,
      There is supposed to be an observation deck on the top 3 “useable” floors 100-102 which apparently matches the height of the “North Tower” Floor 104 which is for HVAC type equipment matches the height of the “South Tower”. Then the spire will go up another 400+ feet to get the total height to 1776. (Happy 4th of July!)

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