7-6-12 Canning And So Forth

The Greenmarket had a canning demonstration today. I spoke a bit with the young chef, Robin Puskas, leading the demo…

and later when i was home took a count. We have put up 5 pints of pickled Ramps (doesn’t include the two that did not seal properly that we were forced to eat already) , 13 Pints of pickled Asparagus (doesn’t include the one that didn’t seal and the two given away to Jenna and David, and Roy and Anne) 3 Pints and 20 half pints of sour cherries (great for Manhattans on cold winter nights and on ice cream and cakes),  a pint and a half of pickled green beans (FYI: we water bath can since we have a tiny kitchen) and 5 quarts of frozen strawberries.  We have also started our annual Rumtopf. Long way to go yet but a good beginning…



An offering to the gods?

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