7-8-12 Kayaking At Fresh Kills

First as a parenthetical note…if you want to read about big kayak adventures go check out Wind Against Current. Johna and Vlad really kayak. Katherine and I just toodle.

Through a bit of luck, I happened to visit the Freshkills Park website practically the moment they posted their free guided kayak tour of a small part of the slowly developing Freshkills Park.  Currently the only way to be in the park is through guided tours (water or walking).  Closed  in 2001, Fresh Kills which is on Staten Island was the world’s largest landfill (aka garbage mound).  When completed in 2040 or later it will be the second largest park in the New York City system (Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx is the biggest).

Our Parks Department guides Carrie Grassi and Michael Callery ably assisted by Tina (and another woman whose name I did not catch…oops) from Kayak Staten Island led the tour of 30. There was a 60 person wait list and Carrie told us the tour filled within an hour of being listed.

Later today or tomorrow I will have more pictures, especially of the Osprey, up on Flickr but for now…Come paddle with us.

Carrie gathers the group before starting off

Pilot program to see if goats can help clear out some invasive species…



If you are in the NYC area on July 14th (next Saturday) check out City Of Water Day. Events on both rivers. The main areas will be Liberty State Park and Governor’s island so The Hudson is well represented even before the various activities taking place on and in it.

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