9-8-12 Salsa!

Tornadoes hit Brooklyn and Queens yesterday…Toto, I really don’t believe we’re in Kansas anymore…so what’s a boy to do?  Stay inside and make some salsa! (Recipe adapted from Eugenia Bone and her totally wonderful book “WELL-PRESERVED“.

Start with high quality tomatillos from the Farmer’s Market (some are from Union Square and some from the Columbia market)…

A quick blanch, then, chop and into the pot…

Then check out the chile supply…we have a number of good-looking chiles from the market…

The question, of course, is which ones to use today.

This looks like a goodly group…

While briefly roasting, chop up your onions and some garlic cloves…

into the pot with them…de-skin the chiles, – depending on your point of view and desired heat, keep or remove the seeds, – chop and into the pot…add the lemon juice and salt (not shown) boil gently for 15-20 minutes and then into the water bath for 15 minutes of vigorous boiling followed by 5 minutes of cool down…and if all your jars seal properly…

Up onto the shelf…see you in a couple of months.

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