9-10-12 Guerrilla Shooting On The High Line

Took a B&H Event Space seminar/class led by Robert Harrington called “Guerrilla Shooting On The High Line With Off Camera Flash”. B&H provided the classroom and impetus, Bob Harrington provided the expertise and models and Expo Imaging provided the lighting gear.

It really was a fun couple of hours with good people, a smart teacher and wonderful models.  I had no complaints at all.  I hardly ever do with B&H events. As always I did wish for more time and individual attention.  Whenever I do get cranky about something like that, I remind myself of the cost of the class – $0.00 – and the incredible amount of truly informative classes B&H and their vendors put on every year and I end up saying “damn this is a good deal”. If you are a photographer: beginner; amateur; pro-am; or even professional, check out the Event Space the next time you are in NYC. I bet you find something that will grab you.

As great as shooting the models with the provided off camera flash gear was…The High Line is a GREAT place to shoot just folks.   Below is a small part of who I shot…

“Yeah, that’s right! I walked in your shot! So…whatcha going do ’bout it?
(Actually this is Deborah one of the B&H mavens)

Turn down the fan!!!!!

Fishing? Nope – David the B&H Event Space manager working as the Best Boy.

2 responses to “9-10-12 Guerrilla Shooting On The High Line

  1. Just saw the very tops of those towers and for a sec I thought it was the San Remo. I was thinking, “DAMN, you’re good to be able to get the San Remo from Chelsea!”

    But nevermind…

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