12-7-12 “A Day That Will Live In Infamy” (For A While But Then The World Changes)

So yes, it was Pearl Harbor Day. It did not seem that USA people took much notice. A few people noted the date on Facebook. One or two passing conversations during the day. A couple of articles in the papers.

But, that is ancient history, man.

It was ancient history when I was a boy. Now…

It makes me wonder…Before we were a country we fought the French.  The French came to our defense when we fought and hated the British and started the country. The British burned the capitol in the war of 1812 and then they became our best ally for a long time and perhaps still today (although I go with Australia or Canada).  We fought the Germans, twice, to prevent them from controlling Europe (we only found out the real and deadly truth about the Holocaust after we were at war) and now we encourage their control of Europe.  We made the Japanese into sub-humans after Pearl Harbor. Now, we support and encourage each other, they are a strong ally.

In 50 years, I wonder, will we be good friends with the radicals of Islam? History says quite possibly…who will be the “other” then, I wonder.

I was in Central Park and the pedicabs seemed to be having a convention. Leaflets were being handed out. Nonetheless, this gentleman was not happy that I was photographing them.

Christmas_Central Park_Pop-UP-10

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