12-17-12 Part Three – Winter Carnival

The previous two posts – ice skating in Bryant Park and night shots on 34th Street, both took place on 12/17. Tonight’s post does as well. When I arrived at ICP (it was the last night of the Digital 2 class I assisted), there was an event happening on the Plaza. I do not know who sponsored it, it could have been Grace as it is the Grace Building. It could have been HBO as they have a plurality of the space. It could have been the BID (Business Improvement District). The only thing I am sure of is that it was not ICP.

I am pretty sure that whoever put the event on did not expect 50 degrees at 6PM on December 17th in NYC. Thank heavens that global warming and climate change are both myths and/or theories just like evolution.

However, you book an event – you go with the event.

Some really good ice sculptors were at work under the lights.

Each sculptor seemed restricted to one tool. A chain saw, a router, etc. I approve of that. The application of ropes and rules is a great stimulus to creativity.

Ice Scupture_ICP-101

Ice Scupture_ICP-102

Ice Scupture_ICP-100

Ice Scupture_ICP-103



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