1-10-13 It’s Not The Vision I Had

Due to a wealth of computer problems that don’t interest me so I am sure would not interest you, I was chased from Photoshop back to Photoshop Elements 10, which is a lovely program but can’t recreate what I did yesterday.  However after much play I enjoy what I came up with. It certainly is NOT the vision I had but getting there was fun.

I know some of you have read the title of this piece in the blog before but it is such a perfect statement for any part of life that I must repeat it now and again. I like it for many reasons but the biggest one, beyond the truth of it, is that it is neither a positive or negative statement. It just is. We set out to do something, and no matter how successful we may be, it is never the vision we started with. Sometimes better, sometimes not, but always different.

The Chair of the Pomona College Theater Department had this on the wall of his office when I first met him. It has always stayed with me.

Behold! The “vision” I did not have!



5 responses to “1-10-13 It’s Not The Vision I Had

  1. I would really like to do better with my photo editing this year. I’ve dabbled, but I get discouraged when it doesn’t go well. I may need to rethink what constitutes a failure? Love the photo, love the quote! You mention Pomona College…now you’re in my “neck of the woods.” Are you a transplanted Californian or were you just visiting? 🙂 Debra

    • I am an easterner (Boston) but went to Pomona (that is where Katherine and I met) and then went to UCSD for my MFA. Good editing is hard but the only way to do it is to do it and laugh at yourself. I do that ALL the time.

  2. Been there, done that …way too many times [about losing stuff in PS].
    Either way, the treatment certainly made for an interesting image — you can’t stop gazing at it. I like it!
    That’s so true …about the title. Often happens in photography, I guess..

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