1-15-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

This week’s challenge is: Illumination.

So many possibilities, so little time.  I went digging through the files and for this pass, (maybe only, maybe first, who knows) decided to go back to Akumal.  A lovely moon rise.

This photograph was taken at ISO 3200; 18mm lens; f/stop 7.1; shutter speed 30 seconds; no tripod but balanced on a wall.

This is how it looked straight from the camera…


and (here comes the tech stuff) this is how it looked after moving the white balance from a temp of 3900 and a tint of 5 to a temp of 2850 and no tint, a slight nudge (+ 5) to the highlight tones; a push (+ 19) to the dark tones; removing (-100) the shadow tones and boosting the heck (+ 82) out of the light tones.


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14 responses to “1-15-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

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  2. Just one word Lovely….the first pic is just marvelouus. N wt i lobed most is how well u mentioned the setting ISO, Shutter speed n f/stop. As mentioning these values means u worked very hard with camera to get the desired output.

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