1-15-13 Busted!

Someone finally caught me yesterday. It had been so long that I thought I was free and clear and no one would ever notice or find out.

No matter where I am: at the river; in NYC; in Mexico; The Caribbean; or Boston; I always tag my posts with the Hudson River and almost always with New York City. No one ever commented on that until yesterday when yi-ching lin (a photographer with a truly remarkable eye, please check out her work); “caught” me.

I have thought about that; the question of tags, what they represent, what they are for, the blog protocol that “controls” them…but no one ever gave me the manual.

I started this as a blog about the river and, to a lesser extent, the city and even when I expanded the scope I realized that is what this blog is always about. One way or another everything I do with this blog, and photograph for the blog, is part of an ongoing internal conversation about the meaning of the river and the city to me, to my family, and hopefully to you, my readers.

So, I will continue to tag the river and the city. Perhaps when I hit 1000 posts  (222 to go) I will change that…but I don’t think so.

Meanwhile in honor of my muse(s).

The walkway over the Amtrak tracks which takes you from the river to 155th Street

Hudson River

My favorite Manhattan upriver view

It has the GW, Little Red, a piece of the Palisades and directly above Little Red,  the abandoned power station in Yonkers (the small white building)- bonus point for the barge.

Hudson River


8 responses to “1-15-13 Busted!

  1. I would never feel like I was caught ‘cheating’ by tagging a post with ‘Hudson River’ that didn’t specifically deal with the river. After all, it IS the name of your blog. 😉

  2. I try to be as specific as possible when I tag my posts and photos. This, because it makes it so easy to find them, should I be looking for something later. In the beginning [with the camera] I didn’t fully realize this, and I have a hard time finding older photos. Tags are good for SEO too, I guess..

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