1-26-13 42nd Street – Interior

“I wanna stand beneath the clock just one more time.
Wanna wait on the platform for the Hudson line.
I guess you’re never really all alone, or too far from the pull of home,
An’ the stars upon that painted dome still shine.”

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Winter has returned to New York this week – but we expect it to vanish again by Tuesday or Wednesday.  I thought it might be nice to go underground. So I hopped on the subway to Times Square/42nd Street and then took the shuttle to Grand Central Terminal.

I thought I would try a 40’s spin on it…

42nd Street-1

Back at'cha

Back at’cha

42nd Street-4

42nd Street-3

4 responses to “1-26-13 42nd Street – Interior

  1. Completed in 1913 at a cost of $80 million, Grand Central was hailed as the largest and greatest railway terminal in the world. The terminal encompassed a total area of 69.8 acres (two and a half times the size of New York’s Pennsylvania Station), has 123 tracks including had 46 with platforms (more than double amount of Penn Station), and included 30 platforms (compared to 19 at Boston’s South Station and 16 at St. Louis’ Union Station). Within the terminal building, separate concourses were provided for incoming and outgoing long-distance trains, and suburban trains to avoid friction between opposing flows of passengers, who reached the different levels of the underground terminal using ramps. The station has been able to efficiently handle enormous growth over the years with virtually no major structural changes.

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