2-2-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

This week’s photo challenge is Unique.

As I mentioned yesterday I held back two pictures from The Morgan Library because I thought they fit this theme so well. One could also fit Ailsa’s Travel Theme of Shadows but I have better pictures I plan to use for that.

The first picture is of a Foundation Figure of King Ur-Namma (Mesopotamia, Third Dynasty of Ur, 2112-2004 B.C.)


This piece is 4000 years old.  The King is carrying a basket of mud on his head, this was apparently the lowest job you could have in Mesopotamia, because before the gods the King is but a humble servant. Wouldn’t it be lovely if our politicians had just a small piece of that attitude?

The picture is of Beethoven’s working manuscript for Violin and Piano Sonata, Opus 96 in G Major. Frankly it isn’t a great picture but I believe the item in question is pretty unique.


A sample of other points of view on Unique…


8 responses to “2-2-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

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  3. Intirguing and very unique items.
    The statue is a tribute to humility. Yes, some of the greats of the world could use a dose of humility like this.
    Beethoven’s sheet music contains frenzied scribbles of genius :).

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