3-15-13 Travel Theme: Green

I hope everyone enjoyed  Pi yesterday.

Ailsa’s theme this week is Green. I can’t begin to understand what brought that on.

To see what people are posting in response go here.  Since I am in a somewhat weirdly playful mood, I decided that my first entry would be the first five things I saw that were green after my last appointment of the day.  I will say I think it is a bit of a mixed bag. All photos are of course phoneography.






Here are a just a few of the folk’s views of green

Ailsa’s photo challenge: green | Sounds like wish

Travel theme – Green « A Post a Day for 2013



The vikings winter way of being green | Le Drake Noir

Travel Theme: Green | I did it … for Johnny

Travel Theme: Green | A Gringos life in Cusco


3 responses to “3-15-13 Travel Theme: Green

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