4-15-13 I Love That Dirty Water…Oh Boston You’re My Home – Patriot’s Day Edition

“…this week does contain a number of unhappy anniversaries: the Oklahoma City Bombing (April 19, 1995), the Waco assault (April 19, 1993), the Columbine School Shooting (April 20, 1999), and the Virginia Tech massacre (April 16, 2007), for starters. Two of those tragedies—the Virginia Tech massacre and the Waco assault—were on Monday, the Patriot’s Day of those years. “

“Bring back the Boston Rag

Tell all your buddies

That it ain’t no drag

Bring back the Boston Rag”

I have hundreds of pictures of downtown Boston in my archives and I can’t locate one of them this evening. The psychology of that is fascinating to me.

Several of you have been kind enough to ask me about my family. Everyone is physically fine. Unfortunately, my cousin (well really my cousin in law) and eight year old daughter  were near the finish line because her babysitter was running the Marathon.  They were not injured when the bombs went off but my baby cousin saw things no eight year old should have to see.



5 responses to “4-15-13 I Love That Dirty Water…Oh Boston You’re My Home – Patriot’s Day Edition

  1. I am really sorry to hear that your young cousin was exposed to the tragedy and the awful scene no one should ever have to see! I’d do anything I could to spare a young person realizing this level of chaos and violence at such a young age, and it is so hard to know that we can’t spare them. I have been watching adults being interviewed who seem “fine”–and we know they aren’t. The reverberations are going to be felt in some lives forever. I’m very glad your family is safe, but it is a truly very sad day. I thought of Oklahoma City, but when you list them all, which I had forgotten by date, dear God!

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