4-23-13 William A Harris Garden – Riverside Park – New York Cares

I’m back…

As I wrote on 4/21, Saturday, April 20th, was  New York Cares Day Spring 2013. One of the places I shot was the William A. Harris Garden at 153rd Street and St Nicholas Avenue in Harlem. It is a great little community garden and I strongly recommend visiting.  I was lucky enough to meet Lori Harris who seems to dedicate every free moment to the garden. If you are lucky she might be there when you come by!

After I finished shooting there I took a long walk over the Macombs Dam Bridge and back then down to The Hudson via 155th St (pictures to follow in the near future) and quite by accident stumbled upon another New York Cares work site. Well, there were 70 + after all. Here are a few pictures from that scene.


4 responses to “4-23-13 William A Harris Garden – Riverside Park – New York Cares

  1. This year, Harris turned 90 years old, and his daughters run the garden themselves. The Harris family is thrilled to have New York Cares volunteers clean up and revitalize this beloved and essential community space on Hands on New York Day on April 16th, 2011. In addition to nurturing the garden, our volunteers will paint a mural of William Harris, which will be presented to him at a block party held in his honor the following weekend.

  2. These posts are the ones that most make me want to live in NYC. They make me feel like I would fit there so much better than here………..and then I would open my mouth, and much of that would likely fall apart. Ha.

    Great photos, Robert. If you’ve submitted for that contest, I’d love to hear an update.

    • As with almost every photo contest I have ever heard of or participated in, the deadline has been extended and in this case I plan to take advantage of that. This is much more complex than I expected – which is a good thing.
      Nah, southern accents are cool up here as long as you say you are not pinning for home.

      • Well, please keep me posted. It would be a great coup for you to get something, and I’m pulling for you.

        There are, like, 20 things I want to do in NYC in the month of May. (It really kills me that MTM feeds my addiction the way he does. NY Times. NY Mag. Etc.) We probably cannot afford to come up there, but if Miguel ends up going, we might anyway. I’ll let you know if we do.

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